Freedom to share the gospel is under threat - by Pat Franklin

When I became a Christian in 1981, some people at the evangelical church I attended in Alton, England, were talking about ‘persecution coming’.  They had been to hear Corrie Ten Boom, the famous Dutch lady who had survived a death camp in Nazi Germany. 

Corrie warned that persecution was coming to Britain, and Christians had better start memorizing scriptures, because the day was coming when they might not be allowed to have Bibles.  That evil day has not yet arrived, but our hard won freedom to share the gospel  is under great threat now.

In the pipeline are a raft of counter-extremism measures called ‘Extreme Disruption Orders’ (EDOs) which would curtail freedom of speech. 

The government wants to silence non violent people who oppose fundamental British values.   Those values include ‘mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs.’   

So what if we non violent folks do not respect Islam, for example?   Sorry, but I have read the Koran, quite a few of the Haddiths, and the life of Mohammed, and no way do I respect that evil religion of violence, hatred and anti Semitism.  (See our ‘Table of Truth:  Islam versus the Bible’, home page top left.)

 I would like to see every muslim set free from the bondage of Islam.  Of course that makes me an intolerant bigot in the eyes of liberals, who tolerate just about everything except the Bible.

What if we don’t respect Catholicism?   As a cradle Catholic who learned better, I would love to see Catholics set free as well, and come to  know Jesus as their Savior. 

Though I love many Catholic people, the religion is just plain wrong and is certainly against many things that Jesus taught. (see our ‘Table of Truth:  the Catholic Church versus the Bible’, home page, top left.)

But now, under the banner of combating extremism, the government is opening the door for the enemies of Jesus to pounce on all those who believe in Him.  Jesus said:  ‘I am the way, the truth and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through Me.’  (Gospel of John, chapter 14)

That’s it, folks.  Faith in Jesus is the one and only way to Heaven.  Every religion and philosophy that says different is not worthy of respect.

And what do they mean by ‘respect’ anyway?   Of course Christians should  treat everyone with respect, but we should also be ready to give a robust defence of our faith and explain how we know it is true and all others false.   

Jesus told His followers to go into all the world and preach the gospel, the good news that He came and died as a sacrifice for sin, and rose from the dead after three days - so that we can be forgiven of all our sins if we simply believe in Him.

And that simple gospel message is one that is so hated  that it may bring the persecution that has so long been predicted.

If indeed persecution is coming, take heart dear friends.  We are in very good company, in fact the best! 

In fact, persecution of Christians has already begun in the West.  The Christian faith is not tolerated  in many areas of life.  This is only shocking to us because we have had it so good for so long. 

 Jesus said that if the world hates us, remember that it hated Him first.  And He will never, never, never, never, never leave us and never forsake us.   He will be with us always.  If we acknowledge Him before men, He will acknowledge us – before the angels of God!   

It’s time to make up our minds that no matter what  any government does, we are going to stand for Jesus, to be true to Him and never deny Him.   

Set your face like flint, dear friend.  Jesus is for sure coming back, and His rewards are with Him

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