Arizona gunman read Karl Marx and had a satanic shrine in his garden. So much for his alleged links to "conservatives." Another big media cover-up....

 The Arizona Shootings, The Second Amendment, And Aaron Zelman
By Chuck Baldwin

The shootings of at least 18 people (6 killed, at least 12 wounded)
in Tucson, Arizona, has predictably ignited a firestorm of anti-gun,
anti-right, and anti-anything not “liberal” diatribes from the
typical big government talking heads in Washington, D.C., and New York
City. Anti-freedom congressmen railed for more gun control, including
resurrecting Bill Clinton’s so-called Assault Weapons ban, and other
laws restricting “high capacity” magazines (the assailant
reportedly used a Glock 9mm in the attack).

If the newly elected Republican majority in the US House of
Representatives has a political death wish for 2012, they will
stupidly facilitate more gun control legislation. If there is anything
the vast majority of grassroots Americans (from just about anywhere)
are absolutely sick and tired of, it is gun control legislation.


The vast majority of Americans firmly support the right of the people to
keep and bear arms, the shooting in Tucson notwithstanding. In fact,
since the hastily passed Assault Weapons ban expired, a majority of
Americans has been truly educated regarding the intrinsic protection
that personal firearms possession affords. Thanks to notable
researchers such as John Lott, most Americans understand the veracity
of writer Robert Heinlein’s sagacious counsel: “An armed society
is a polite society.” So true.

I invite readers to study Lott’s recent column regarding the
Arizona shootings at:

I just spoke last week to a packed house here in my home State of
Montana (with more than 500 people in attendance who came out on a
Tuesday night in sub-zero temperatures to hear me), and I would
estimate that twenty percent of them (or more) were carrying their own
personal side arms. I would pity the poor idiot who would have
attempted to duplicate Loughner’s attack in that assemblage.
Obviously, guns in the hands of the citizenry are far and away more of
a deterrent to violent crime than a contributor to it.

Then there was the attempt by liberal Democrats to try to connect the
shooter, Jared Loughner, to the Tea Party movement and anything else
“conservative.” Turns out, Loughner was much more infatuated with
Karl Marx than he was with Ron Paul. Plus, apparently, police
discovered a makeshift satanic shrine in Loughner’s back yard,
which, I am sure, is disappointing to Morris Dees, who loves to paint
Christians as “extremists” and “dangerous militia members.”


So, was Loughner a lunatic? No doubt, there are some crazy people out
there. Or was it something else?

The European Union (EU) Times posted a report on January 9, 2011,
that calls the shooting an “assassination.” And according to the
report, the target was not Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, but
rather Federal Judge John Roll. (Roll died in the Tucson attack.)

Roll, the Times reports, had issued a preliminary ruling against the
Obama administration’s use of an Executive Order (EO) to confiscate
targeted monies of the American citizenry--in much the same way that
an EO by President Franklin D. Roosevelt was used to confiscate the
American people’s privately held gold in 1933.

To the many constitutionalists I have spoken with who are familiar
with the judge’s record, Roll was truly one of the “good guys.”
When it came to preserving the protections afforded the people of
these States united by upholding the US Constitution, Judge Roll
seemed to shine.

See the EU Times report at:

Let me hasten to interject at this point that this report reads like
reports I’ve read before by someone called Sorcha Faal. My friend
and trusted researcher, Joel Skousen, suggests that Faal (whoever he
or she is) is unreliable at best, and may be a disinformation agent at
worst. I personally do not know. What I do know is that Judge Roll is
dead, and we lost one of the best federal judges on the bench.

Do I believe that highly-positioned rogue elements within central
governments (any national government) could or would use
MK-Ultra-style techniques to assassinate unwanted or problem people
(to them)? I think one would have to be naïve to NOT believe that
such dastardly deeds are possible. Was Loughner a “Manchurian
Candidate” then? Obviously, we will never know.

Speaking of losing good men: freedom lovers lost a good ally and
friend recently with the passing of Aaron Zelman, who was the
Executive Director of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership
(JPFO). Zelman was a tireless defender of the Second Amendment. I did
not know him personally (my loss), but he and I communicated
occasionally via email. He told me he was an avid reader of my
columns, and I was certainly one of his biggest fans. He died
relatively young at only age 64.

Here is the JPFO web site address:

So, America lost two good men recently: Federal Judge John Roll and
JPFO Executive Director Aaron Zelman. I trust many of us will step up
to the plate and take our place on the firing line.

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 Chuck Baldwin


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