Thomas Jefferson knew how to deal with Islamic terrorists. We should follow his example to defend our civilization against jihad. By Alan Franklin.

As Islamics step up terror attacks against a gullible, uncomprehending public, it is time to wake up, wise up and know our enemy. If we don’t know who the enemy is we certainly won’t be able to combat him. Only because weak and evil men now run our nations has the threat of Islamic terror - I will keep calling it what it is - become serious.

Islamics understand only one thing: strength. Any semblance of weakness, or the accommodating of terror, which is what the west tries to do, will only cause attacks to increase. Yet this is exactly what the western nations, led byAmerica, are doing. A man who should know about Islamic terror is Frank Gaffney, former USA Assistant Secretary of Defence. He said that militant Muslims have launched a “civilisation jihad” against us, which has so cowed the FBI  that it has become impermissible for them to know anything about Islamic terror planning or suspicious activities. He said, speaking on the Huckabee TV Show at the weekend, that the FBI files have been purged of anything that might give offence to Islamics!

Well, that gives us a great deal of offence! It is because of these people that we constantly have to look over our shoulders to see where the next attack is coming from, something Israel has had to endure since 1948.Israel knows how to deal with these people. You defeat them.

From the founding of the American Republic in 1776 to the last Barbary Pirates war in 1815, the United States faced regular sea attacks from the four “Barbary” Islamic centers of North Africa:Algiers,Tunis,Tripoli and Morocco. Pirates from these regions, sponsored by their rulers with the backing of the Ottoman Empire ( headquartered in today’s Turkey) took hundreds of Americans and Europeans hostage and robbed, killed and enslaved whoever they could get their hands on. A million white slaves were captured from villages on the coasts of Britain,Ireland and elsewhere and shipped out to Islamic slave markets, a story we tell elsewhere on this website. This is hidden history, not taught in our politically-correct schools.  That is no doubt why some Arabs we noticed in Morocco had light skin and green eyes.

Islam has not changed its spots since 1625, the date of the first recorded attack by Islamic pirates, believed to be from Morocco, on merchant ships based in North American colonies. Boston has seen terror before: in October 1784: The Betsy, a 300-ton Bostonian ship was attacked 100 miles from Africa's western coast, in the Atlantic. The ship's sailors were captured, chained and sold off to slave markets inMorocco.

In January 1785: The Dauphin and the Maria were captured by Algerians and their 21 crewmen were chained and paraded before jeering crowds on their way to the Algerian leader, or ‘dey’, who reportedly spat on them, saying: "Now I have got you, you Christian dogs, you shall eat stones." The vicious attacks grew in number and when the US Constitution was adopted in 1789 there was a realization that a national response was needed to repel Islamic terrorists.

In March, 1794: President Washington signed a bill authorizing funds to build six frigates "adequate for the protection of the commerce of the United States against Algerian corsairs." The Barbary pirate attacks led to the founding of the U.S. Navy.

There were still efforts to placate and buy off the mad mullahs, however, with tribute money being sent out to Algeria. It didn’t work. Are today’s politicians listening? However, backbones were finally stiffened on May 14, 1801 after President Thomas Jefferson vowed to no longer give in to piracy. To provoke a war, the leader of Tripoli, known as the Dey, ordered the American consular flagstaff to be cut down, after his demands for more money were refused. He had   received $83,000 in pay-offs in three-and-a-half years. Jefferson sent four warships to the Middle East,  later expanded to six. The battles continued, but the Islamics were only put back in their box by might and will. Backbone.

Today, several generations of young people have been brainwashed in schools and colleges by a phalanx of lefties, liberals and fools, who teach that there is no such thing as truth, we mustn’t be judgmental, all roads lead to god (not that they think there is a god) and so on. No wonder we have a confused, ignorant and uncertain generation.

This means that even with home-grown Islamic terrorists, like US Army Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, who killed 13 people and wounded another 32 at Fort Hood,Texas, in 2009, and will soon face a military court-martial, there is no admission that this was a terrorist attack on America. During the  10-minute mayhem at FortHood, Hasan was heard to shout “God is great” in Arabic.  Of course his god is Allah, the warlike god of Islam.

Our grovelling leaders say this doesn’t mean that he acted because of the tenets of the Koran. Oh no. The Defence Department classified the attack as “workplace violence” rather than terrorism. However, US Rep. Representative John Carter (R) of Texas said in a press statement:  “This was a terrorist attack ….. Fourteen people, including an unborn child, were killed by Major Nidal Hasan, a man who was known to have terrorist ties.”

Arkansas’ politicians have also woken up and passed  “Andy’s Law” in honor of U.S. Army Pvt. William “Andy” Long of Conway, who was shot and killed outside a Little Rock recruiting center in 2009. Pvt. Quinton Ezeagwula of Jacksonville was wounded in the shooting rampage.

Abdulhakim Muhammad, a Memphis native named Carlos Bledsoe who converted to Islam, pleaded guilty to capital murder and attempted capital murder in 2011 and was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Bledsoe claimed to be a terrorist and had traveled toYemen and Somalia. No doubt this was just another workplace dispute…..(!) Obama has never admitted that it was a terror attack.

The FBI knew about Bledsoe, alias “Muhammad,” but the security forces sat on their hands, just as in the case of the Boston terrorist who struck the marathon even after the Russians had given the US a security alert about him. The reason is clear and simple: the US doesn’t like to offend Muslims, especially now there is one in the White House. By the way, who do you think Obama “prays” to, as he repeatedly claims to do?

Wake up, people. If you want to know all about Islam and other false faiths, it’s all in our book Cults and Isms: True or False? available from our web shop. We ship out boxes of 48 to churches in America for just $275, shipping included. It's time to learn the truth while you still have the time and opportunity to do so. This website won't be up for ever......



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