(Micro) chips with everything - not the mark of the beast yet, but on the way to it!

Microchips becoming the latest medical accessory - www.kvbc-com It's a technology that's already being used on millions of pets in America. Now, microchips are being implanted in human beings as well and this week in Las Vegas, the procedure is being performed on dozens of people attending a medical convention. The implants are inserted into the arm. The tiny computer chips can help doctors get important medical information. The chips are incredibly small and are implanted just under the skin. The chips that are used in dogs and cats contain information that can identify the animal if it gets lost. In the case of humans, the chips provide a link to a computer database that gives doctors instant access to a patient's complete medical history. All this week at the Las Vegas Convention Center, health care professionals are having the chips surgically implanted. Not everyone is ready to have a micro chip in their body, and the people who run the company called Verichip understand that some people are afraid that the technology could be used to track their behavior, or turn them into some sort of futuristic computer controlled being. "That's complete Sci-Fi," said Marc Poulshock, Verichip. "There's no GPS on it at all." Only one doctor in the Las Vegas area is actively performing the implants, and he says there are many reasons why he believe's the device can help save a patient's life. "If they've been in a car accident, or if the person has allergies, the chip will lead you to that data," said Dr. Darin Brimhall. The procedure leaves a small, temporary scar, and after that, the chip is so small, it virtually disappears into the body. The current cost for patents to have the chip implanted runs between $200 and $300. One idea for the chips is to implant them in U.S. Military personnel so that soldiers injured in the field can be quickly and accurately identified. According to the makers of the chip, ten hospitals and emergency rooms in Las Vegas have agreed to begin using the devices that scan for the implants.


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