Rejoice, we are leaving the EU - Alan Franklin

The United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union. Our friends are rejoicing. As we staffed the refreshments booth at our church this week-end many people came up to say how happy they were.

They may be celebrating prematurely. First, it can take two years to untangle ourselves from the web of ties that have bound us for over 40 years.

Knowing the devious, unprincipled mindset of the one-world government enthusiasts behind the European Union – the Prison House of Nations – we may yet find ourselves stuck on their flypaper.

I follow the money. The markets went haywire as the results came in and panic swept the world of finance. The vote, rounded out, was 52 per cent to 48 per cent. Nine areas voted by over 70% to leave, many of them in eastern England including Boston, South Holland and Great Yarmouth.

Gold started a heady climb which will accelerate in coming months as people understand the parlous state of world finances. This is key to what happens next, by the way.

The elite who govern Europe from their well upholstered seats in Brussels and Strasbourg had no idea that a clear majority of the population of England and Wales- but not Scotland and Northern Ireland –wanted to escape from the belly of the beast that is the EU – The Final World Empire.

Gamblers voted with their money 75 per cent to 25 per cent on the result being that the UK stayed in the superstate. They lost, as gamblers always do eventually.

The people had other ideas. The large cities, in northern England, the Midlands and elsewhere that are strongholds of the Labor Party – run by the political twin of Bernie Sanders –defied the party’s leaders and voted “out” by large majorities.

London went the other way, but it is a very untypical slice of the UK these days. Scotland was heavily in favour of the EU, and this may trip another demand for independence from England.

One good result is that we have lost our deadbeat Prime Minister, David Cameron, who at least had the decency to resign when his weasel words about the wonders of the EU went unheeded.

Cameron listed forcing “gay marriage” through Parliament as among his proudest achievements, as he announced his resignation as Prime Minister.

Speaking outside 10 Downing Street following the vote to leave the European Union, he said same-sex marriage was one of the “great steps” this country had made in recent years.

This shows exactly why he is the wrong person to lead the nation where Pat and I live.

Who will replace him? Boris Johnson, the former Mayor of London, is most likely.

While also socially liberal he waged a gutsy and effective campaign to get Britain out from the EU dictatorship-in-the making. He will be an improvement on Cameron, but then so would a pet poodle.

Cameron was the lapdog of German leader Angela Merkel, as Germany bosses Europe. I often pointed out that there was no point us fighting two World Wars only to end up dominated by Germany, as we are.

I will leave my comment there for now. The next few weeks will be turbulent but exciting from a newsflow viewpoint.

Our son, who works in a TV network newsroom, will be kept busy. Expect lots of aftershocks.

This story will run and run….



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