Superstate to get Euro-wide police force.

Europol which has worked satisfactorily as an intergovernmental office of infirmation and cooperation is now proposed to be taken over as an arm of the EU with powers extended to all criminal activities. WHO defines these “criminal activities” and under WHOSE criminal law are they seen as criminal. The EU never stops trying to extend its powers, but this should be resisted as it is the first step towards a federal police NOT under the control of our elected MPs. Christina Speight ============================================== EU OBSERVER 18/12/06 Brussels to boost powers of EU police office By Lucia Kubosova BRUSSELS - The European Commission is set to boost the powers of the EU police office - EUROPOL - suggesting that the criminal intelligence body becomes a proper EU institution, financed by the union and partially [????] controlled by MEPs. The commission proposal - to be adopted on Wednesday (20 December) and seen by EUobserver - aims to strengthen Europol's legal basis, simplify the decision-making involving its activities and improve its powers in a bid to "address the new challenges" such as terrorism. Europol - based in the Hague, Netherlands - was created in 1995 on the basis of a convention - a type of intergovernmental agreement - between member states to overlook law enforcement in the areas such as drug trafficking, counterfeiting of euro notes, money-laundering, human trafficking and terrorism. Under the commission's proposal, its mandate should extend to criminality "which is not strictly related to organised crime." The EU executive argues that the move will "ease support provided by Europol to member states in relation to cross-border criminal investigations where involvement of organised crime is not demonstrated from the start." The new legislation will also enable Europol to assist member states organising "major international event with a public order policing impact" such as sports events. After the change of its legal basis, the criminal intelligence body will be accountable not only to the ministers of justice and home affairs but also to the European Parliament, with MEPs have already called for such an arrangement. According to some insiders, the commission's proposal has been preceded by several discussions among national experts who broadly favour the shift. Member states have also agreed to put aside €334 million for Europol in 2010-2013. Its annual budget for 2007 is close to €68 million with 406 employees - who under the new rules would become proper EU staff.


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