It's time to stand with and pray for Israel. By Alan Franklin.

Israel is defending itself against terrorists and as I write troops are in Gaza. As the world hates Israel, especially the liberal, Godless media, those of us who know the end from the beginning must stand with Israel. Read, learn - and please, pray. I've just returned from five weeks in Israel, during which time barely a day passed without Hamas firing rockets into the south of Israel. This has happened continually throughout the so-called "truce." Residents spent hours cowering in their shelters while terrorist rockets ripped into their homes. Israeli soldiers on patrol were badly hurt by one rocket while I was there. This was after Israel left the Gaza strip in 2005, giving up "land for peace." It never has had peace and never will, as Islamics state that all land once ruled by Muslims must always be Muslim. Of course the Biblical land of Israel existed over a thousand years before Islam began. FACT: There is no such Arab people as "Palestinians." This name was normally used to describe Jews living in what the Romans called "Palestine" . Yasser Arafat, for example, was born in Cairo. The bulk of the Arabs who gravitated to the Biblical land of Israel came from surrounding countries, many of them in quite recent times and some to work in Israeli industries. This all stopped when around 160 suicide bombers detonated themselves on Israeli soil. That's why the borders had to be closed. Until then many Israelis and Arabs had worked happily together. Israel, of course, has an Arab population of citizens numbering around 1.5 million, a lot of them Arab Christians who are persecuted in most of the rest of the Middle East. It is untrue that Israel doesn't let supplies through to Gaza - how else have the Gazans been supplied over the years? Hundreds of trucks have gone through the border crossings in the past week, laden with supplies of all kinds. Furthermore, injured Palestinians, including members of Hamas, are treated free in Israeli hospitals. One such Hamas man was in hospital in Haifa and getting great treatment when a relative of mine was in the next bed. Yes, he recovered. Now his brother, who visited him in hospital and was amazed at the treatment he got, is a friend of Israel as he saw the truth for himself (and yes, I know his identity.) Captured Israelis, on the other hand, are murdered by the terrorists when they are captured. Just before I left Israel Hamas staged a sick parade thropugh Gaza featuring a supporter pretending to be the captured Israeli solder Gilad Schalit, saying how he missed his parents etc. Forget the Geneva Convention - these thugs, who have not even allowed a Red Cross visit to the kidnapped soldier, think that Jews deserve zero human rights. This is what Muslims gave them when they were living under the Ottoman Empire and is how virtually all Arab countries today treat Jewish people. No wonder they all had to flee to Israel when it was founded. These are the real Middle East refugees, who streamed in from all the neighbouring Arab lands as their lives and property were under threat. In no other country can they live in peace - and that includes many countries in Europe where a growing Muslim population and rising anti semitism puts them at constant threat of, at the least, abuse in the streets. While in Haifa I saw a demonstration by the type of people who marched through London and other world cities - against the Israeli authorities. Such a demo would not last five minutes in any Arab nation, let alone Gaza or the West Bank, which is actually Judea and Samaria. The only democracy in the Middle East, where Arabs have a meaningful vote, is Israel. Try speaking out against Hamas in Gaza and you will end up in prison or worse. An Iranian newspaper that questioned some of the Hamas propaganda was immediately shut down. What we are seeing is civilisation at war against savagery. We had better decide which side we are on. Finally, don't think that any reader of this comment should be standing on the sidelines at this time. God blesses those who bless Israel. Israel needs her friends at this time. Get involved. Write, speak, contribute to blogs and websites. Get the truth out, for the Lord Jesus is truth and those against Him - like Hamas- are friends of the father of lies, Satan himself.


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John 6:47

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