US troops in UN colors - part of the global agenda. Chuck Baldwin comments.

US Troops Wearing UN Colors
By Chuck Baldwin

According to a report in World Net Daily, "Troops in the United States'
USNORTHCOM ranks appear to have adopted a shoulder patch showing a North
American continental design, with an emphasis on United Nations colors,
giving evidence of the strength to integrate North America.

"The patch reveals the continent of North America in the orange and blue
colors typical to the U.N.

"It also carries the image of a mosque to designate the unit's service in
North Africa in World War II."

The report also states, "The design of the patch with the U.S. eagle image
superimposed seems to imply a hierarchy in which the U.S. 5th Army exerts
its military command under the authority of USNORTHCOM, with its domain
defined as all North America, including the U.S., Mexico and Canada, for the
United Nations, as implied in the orange and blue motif."

See the report at:

As most of my faithful readers know, USNORTHCOM is a combatant command
"created to respond to national emergencies in North America." Readers
should also be aware that the US and Canada signed an agreement earlier this
year allowing the armed forces from one country to assist the armed forces
of the other country during a "domestic civil emergency, EVEN ONE THAT DOES

Creation of a North American Union has long been the goal of the elitists at
the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and sister organizations. This
objective is so far along now that anyone who would question it simply isn't
paying attention--or has an ulterior motive for denying it.

In fact, I have chronicled much pertinent information relative to this
burgeoning North American Union on my web site. I encourage readers to
review (and share) the information I have accumulated on this page. See it

Readers will recall that former President George W. Bush, then-Canadian
Prime Minister Paul Martin, and then-Mexican President Vicente Fox signed
the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) on March 23, 2005, in Waco,
Texas. The SPP was based upon the CFR's Task Force report entitled "Creating
a North American Community," which was issued just prior to the Waco
gathering. Remember, too, that the SPP was signed without any knowledge,
oversight, or consent of the US Congress--or any Canadian or Mexican
legislative body either, for that matter.

As the WND report states, "The unannounced goal of the SPP was to create a
North American Union by advancing the trade integration realized in NAFTA
into continental political integration through the creation of some 20
trilateral bureaucratic working groups and the North American
Competitiveness Council, or NACC, composed of 30 North American business
executives--10 each hand-picked by the chambers of commerce in the three

In this regard, it makes absolutely no difference whether a Republican or
Democratic President sits in the Oval Office. President Barack Obama is
pushing forward with the same internationalist policies as did his
predecessors, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and George Herbert Walker Bush.
(And, no, Martha, nothing would have changed had John McCain been elected
last year.)

For the most part, the leaders of both major parties in Washington, D.C.,
are globalists. With few exceptions, they have all bought into the CFR's
philosophy of internationalism. The fact that we even have such a military
command as USNORTHCOM--and even more, that the unit is wearing insignia with
UN colors and a three-nation, North American patch--without the slightest
protest from virtually any US congressman or senator, demonstrates the
apathy of Washington elitists regarding America's merger into a
multinational governing structure.

Add to the compliance of Washington politicians the US Chamber of Commerce,
the US military Joint Chiefs of Staff, the mainstream news media (with the
exception of Lou Dobbs, and look what happened to him: CNN reportedly paid
him $8 million to leave the network), the National Education
Association--along with the vast majority of America's top educational
institutions, and even America's leading churchmen (for example: mega-church
pastor and Pied Piper author, Rick Warren, and Southern Baptist spokesman,
Richard Land, are both members of the CFR). In other words, virtually every
major institution in America is betraying our country's sovereignty and

Even Big Labor is, for the most part, silent in its opposition against
international unification. Where is the union-led protest of President
Obama's policy reversal to continue President Bush's plan allowing Mexican
trucks to roll down US highways? Where is Big Labor's opposition to Obama's
decision to continue pushing the goals and objectives of the CFR and Chamber
of Commerce via the SPP and related supranational agreements?

Without a doubt, the attempted merger of North America is well underway. But
this, too, is part of a much bigger picture. The destruction of the dollar,
the formation of a global currency, the development of a new UN army (of
which USNORTHCOM is the prototype), perpetual war, state-sponsored fear
mongering over super-hyped "pandemics" such as the Swine Flu, the push for
universal health care, etc., all serve the purpose of collapsing US
sovereignty and independence, and creating global government.

Of course, one thing the elitists driving this global merger are counting on
is the continued apathy and indifference of the American people. Obviously,
an awakened, energized, and angry populace could seriously jeopardize their
pernicious plans. They are somewhat rattled at the success of grassroots Tea
Parties, etc., but they are counting on the major news media and
establishment churches to keep the sheep asleep.

If America's pastors would wake up and begin sounding the clarion call for
freedom and independence (as did their brave forebears), they could--almost
single-handedly--turn the country around. Until they do, it is left to the
rest of us to keep Thomas Jefferson's "spirit of resistance" alive.

As for me and my house, we plan to do our part by pledging no loyalty to the
North American Union, the UN, or any other globalist entity.

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