The truth about today’s South Africa: murder, corruption and witch doctors in the hospitals. Not the story in the headlines of the world’s media….

"Today one hypocritical liar after another will mourn the death of Nelson Mandela. No one, however, will be mourning the spiritual, moral, economic, and social death of South Africa he helped to cause when the ANC substituted one evil for another. And no one will consider a poor little black boy whose mother  was shot dead yesterday. “ So says Jacob Prasch. Post apartheid, black South Africans die younger, have double the unemployment rate and their country is riddled with corruption and crime. In a minute I will introduce Jacob’s thoughts on the cant we are witnessing in the world’s media. First, a few comments from me - AF.

In our church house group we have two South Africans, who have wisely left to live in England.  

They recently returned from a trip home, where their family still lives. Their stories of murder, robbery and rape, mainly directed by black criminals against whites of Dutch descent,  are too horrible to print here. In one incident a 72 year old woman was attacked in her house by five thugs, who killed her over a period of many hours. This is not uncommon.  Our friend's brother recently had 80 per cent of the business he built up confiscated and given to a "black African." This is racism, which works both ways - and is also endemic between Africans of different tribes and nationalities.

Rural farm families in SA are top targets, and as their guns have mostly been removed (licences are hard to get) they are defenceless. Attacks number in the thousands and hundreds of people have been killed this year alone. Here is one comment from a South African Facebook site by Anne Markham "Having survived a farm attack I can honestly tell you and the world that it is not random crime! It is a well orchestrated ANC backed method of extermination! It is land reform propelled through the barrel of a gun or brutality! It is carried out by cowards that do the dastardly deed and go about business as attackers came dressed for work in their security uniforms!”


The site is     I would not necessarily agree with all the content but at least it tells some of the truth which is otherwise hidden.

It reveals the story the world media is too politically correct to publish. South African cities are danger zones where you stop at night at red lights at your peril. There is much else  which will go unreported, for the mass media reporters today are like lobotomised lemmings, allowing no deviation from the ”party line.” Pat and I are creationists who do not accept the concept of “race,” as we all have the same ancestors! However, uncomfortable truths must be told and confronted. Here’s Jacob’s comment. He knows South Africa well.

Jacob, a member of our church and respected teacher and preacher, e-mailed a me this story about an attack on an African settlement by a man who came to murder. Several people were shot in front of a little boy. Jacob comments: “ I have known so many who were attacked in South Africa and shot dead and also close friends similarly assaulted in Zimbabwe.

“Today, Sal & Di (two Christian leaders) are left with a little black kid trying to understand why his mommy was shot dead yesterday as the world waited to pay tribute to Nelson Mandela.

“The hypocritical world , its crooked politicians and corrupt media only tell the personal truth about Mandela as a non embittered individual who fought injustice, but will not tell the whole truth - or the political truth that his Communist ANC government has replaced one evil with another. 

“From abortion to immorality to a radical homosexual & lesbian agenda pioneered by the evil religious pervert Desmond Tutu, to an increased black infant mortality rate to a reduced black lifespan, this is today’s South Africa.

“There is  a more than doubling of black unemployment, a contamination of the nation's hospitals with sogormas (witch doctors) in the name  of ' traditional African healing', and a level of corruption no better than the old racist Brudderbund. The avalanche  of crime and murder against black and white alike has forced the educated middle class whites out of the country. This is the other half of the legacy of Mandela and it is a legacy of shame, treachery, corruption, and death.

“You will not hear a whisper of such undeniable truths in the eulogies. Thanks to the ANC, South African blacks die younger than under the injustices of apartheid, bury their children faster, have far fewer jobs and a far worse culture of violence , crime, and endemic ruination.

“This is Mandela's new South Africa and everyone knows it but Obama,  Clinton and Bush  will just ignore it and the media will expect everyone else to ignore it also. Unable to deliver a future due to its godlessness, all the hypocritical ANC will do or can do is continue to blame the past.

“No, as an outspoken opponent of apartheid myself I do not fault Nelson Mandela for all of the errors in judgment he made and neither do I overlook his virtues . In a struggle against racism and injustice mistakes are inevitable and no mere mortal in his position would not have made mistakes especially after being in prison for over a quarter century.  As a former Marxist myself neither do I fault Nelson Mandela for all of the debauchery of the ANC by those who came after him.  But he is not without blame. 

“Yet today one hypocritical liar after another will mourn the death of Nelson Mandela. No one, however, will be mourning the spiritual, moral, economic, and social death of South Africa that he helped to cause when the ANC substituted one evil for another. And no one will consider this poor little black boy in Sal's village whose mother  was shot dead yesterday. “

In Jesus,

Jacob Prasch



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