69 old skeletons prove the Bible! by Pat Franklin

Surprise, surprise.  Science has once again validated the Bible.  DNA from 69 ancient skeletons reveals that 4500 years ago there was ‘massive migration’ into Europe from the East, bringing the Indo European languages – all coming  from the East.  Well, well, well.  Anyone who believes that Genesis is literal history could have told you that!

The Bible is true history, completely trustworthy.  It tells the truth – how everything began and how it will all end.  The 4,500 B.C. figure takes us back to the Tower of Babel.  The world at that time, after the Flood of Noah, had only one language.  God’s will was that the post-Flood people should ‘be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth.’ (Gen 9:1)  Instead of which, they all settled in what is now Iraq and Syria, and refused to budge. (Gen 11:4).

   Nimrod (whose name means ‘rebel)  was the evil leader (Gen 10:8-12).   The world of that day had one language, a one world government led by a dictator.  Nimrod founded the city of Babylon and built Nineveh.   When the people built a tower ‘to reach into heaven’ (Gen 11:4), it was a step too far.   Worshipping the stars is not a good idea.  They are only created things, and God tells us He is going to roll the whole cosmos up one day, 

Anyway, that tower was the last straw.   God came down  and confused their languages. (Gen 11:7-9)  The various family groups could no longer understand other groups, so they HAD to  move out and settle new areas where they all spoke the same new language. 

Hence those ancient people who migrated to Europe and elsewhere.  And now DNA discovers what the Bible already told us.  The scientists are playing ‘catch up’, but few will admit it – only those few who know and believe the Bible.

How good God is to us.  How wonderful  that He has given us such knowledge in His great Book, and even told us in much detail what is coming next!  This is just stupendous.  

And how terribly, tragically sad that an entire generation of young people is being denied this great knowledge, as the Bible becomes once again a banned book .  The lost generation. 

What?  You say the Bible is not a  banned book?  For hundreds of years it was officially banned by the Roman Catholic Church and also the Church of England (Anglican, Episcopal).  Both were state churches which tortured and burned alive people found with Bibles in their own languages. 

This is unknown to most churchgoers today!  Both church bodies have covered up their horrible histories very effectively.  And I haven’t heard that there was ever any repenting done.

 Well they don’t do that any more you may say.  It all changed in the 16th century when the Protestant Reformation came about and the blood of many Bible believing martyrs was shed and eventually brought freedom of religion into the world.

So the Bible isn’t officially a banned book any more.  You can buy one.  But it is almost like a mental ban, as if God’s Word, the Bible, is so far out, so derided,  so universally denied, that the very mention of it almost brings a sneer to the lips, a roll of the eyes.  Indoctrination against the truth of the Bible is so accepted it is almost like a 'given' in mathematics.

Not a banned book?  Try reading a Bible out loud in public; it has landed some Christians in trouble.

It has taken about 150 years of Darwinism to reach this point.  And even though Darwin’s theory of evolution has been totally discredited, particularly since the discovery of DNA, Darwin’s evil legacy of unbelief is embedded in our culture, our schools and colleges, our textbooks and certainly the media.

And although evolution is now so thoroughly debunked, most people do not even realize this and our culture continues to accept and teach evolution as a proven fact, when in fact it has been laid bare - by science! - as a complete farce.

But ok, just in case people start to realize they have believed a lie about our origins, here comes a substitute explanation – ETs!  Extra-terrestrials!  They planted us here on earth!  Duh. 

Any old theory will do, the wilder the better!  As long as we don’t go back to the Bible and find out the truth!

Note:  If in your heart you are longing to understand these things, the Bible tells us that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.  Jesus said  not to fear men, who can only kill the body, but to fear God, who can cast you soul and body into Hell.

 If you fear God, that is good!  It is the first step to knowing Him as your Father!  The next step is accepting His Son, the Lord Jesus, who became a man so that He  could shed His blood as a sacrifice for our sins.

Why blood?  Because sin is so terrible that there is no forgiveness without the shedding of blood.  We do not have to shed any more blood – not animal blood, not our own blood, because Jesus shed His holy blood for us.

  Jesus is the Lamb of God, the sacrificed Lamb, offered on the cross of Calvary.  Jesus’ body was three days and nights in the tomb, but He was actually elsewhere.

 First He went to the place where the souls of the righteous dead were waiting for redemption. That place, deep in the earth, is called Paradise or Abraham’s bosom.

The righteous people who died before Jesus could not enter Heaven because He had not yet shed His blood for them and paid the penalty of their sins.  So they were waiting for Him.  People like Abraham and Sarah, King David, and so many others.

What a moment of indescribable joy must have erupted in Paradise when the Lord of Glory suddenly entered that place!

The waiting was over.  The Saviour of the world was there!  How the entire body of people must have fallen at His holy feet in worship!

He had come to save them and they were saved just as we are saved, by putting their faith in Jesus Christ.  And then He could lead them out of the underground place, Paradise,  into the glories of Heaven.  He led captivity captive!

Jesus did not visit the other three compartments of Sheol, the underworld. The others are:  the Abyss (bottomless pit) where Satan will be chained for 1,000 years; Tartarus,  where certain of the fallen angels are imprisoned; and Torments, which we now call Hell, where the souls of those go after death if they have rejected Jesus as their Saviour.

So, dear friend, if you do not already know Jesus as YOUR Saviour, please consider now.  He told us in John’s gospel  that we all have to be ‘born again’ (Chapter 3 verse 3).  This means your spirit has to be born, just as your body was born. 

How does this happen?  It is supernatural, spiritual, invisible.  Your spirit is born when you accept Jesus as the One who died for your sins. 

Won’t you ask Him now to forgive all your sins, and tell Him that you trust Him to save you?

The Paradise section of the underworld is empty now, but the Torments section is still open for business, and you don’t want to go there!

Won’t you accept Jesus as your Saviour now?    So many people I have spoken to put up some doubt or objection, and when I settle that one, they bring up another.  ‘I just can’t believe in a God that (whatever)…’  some say.

Actually they COULD believe, but they choose not to.  This is so tragic, when God is such a loving Father. 

Are you doubting now?  Here is a prayer to consider:  ‘Dear God, if you exist and if this is all true, please help me find You.  Please show me the truth.’

Seek and you will find.  Knock and it will be opened to you.

Jesus told us that no one can come to Him unless the Father draws them.  And everyone the Father has given Him will come to Him.  And once those people  come to faith in Him, they are sealed with the Holy Spirit and no one can snatch them away.

This is all so wondrous and so mysterious.  If you are reading this, it may well be that the Father is drawing you, and if that is the case, you will come to faith and belong forever to the Lord Jesus.  I hope so. 

It continues to amaze me that I ever came to know the Lord Jesus, totally undeserving.  With  all my heart I hope that readers out there will come to faith in Christ as well.




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