Obama doesn't like Netanyahu. Perhaps that's because Americans prefer Israel's leader to their own!

French President Sarkozy and Obama made the mistake of leaving their mikes switched on when they had a chat about how they disliked Israel's leader. Perhaps because he is more popular than they are! A poll showed that Americans rate Netanyahu higher than the Obamanation. The disgusting thing about this story is that the so-called "reporters" present heard the secret chat - but decided not to reveal it! So much for the watchdog press. More like geriatric poodles. ALAN FRANKLIN.

US President Barack Obama accidentally let it be known last week that he doesn't think much of Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu. But that's OK, because Obama's own countrymen actually prefer Netanyahu over their own president.
A poll conducted by the group Greenber Quinlan Rosner found that 52.3 percent of Americans rate Netanyahu positively, compared to 51.5 percent for Obama. Other polls have Obama's approval ratings even lower, while Netanyahu has been consistently winning praise.
The results of the poll were enthusiastically discussed on Israel's Channel 10 News.
When Netanyahu was in America in May he made a terrific impression with TV viewers, who have got used to fifth raters and shysters like Obama pretending to "lead the country." He was even asked if he would like to run for President, but diplomatically replied that he already had a big job.


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Earlier this month US President Barack Obama and French President Nicolas Sarkozy had what they thought was a private conversation regarding their mutual dislike of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
The incident occurred after the two leaders fielded questions at a G20 press conference in Paris on November 3. With their microphones still attached and apparently still turned on, Obama and Sarkozy retired to a private meeting room.
Obama started by criticizing Sarkozy for not warning him that France intended to vote in favor of recognizing "Palestine" at the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) days earlier. From there, the conversation drifted toward relations with Netanyahu.
According to a report on the French website Arret Sur Images, the brief conversation went like this:
Sarkozy: I can't stand him [Netanyahu]. He is a liar.
Obama: You're fed up with him, but I have to deal with him every day!
Due to the microphones that Obama and Sarkozy were wearing being inadvertently left on, all members of the press who had been wearing translation headsets were able to hear the private conversation regarding Netanyahu.
Incredibly, though probably not surprisingly, the assembled members of the press agreed to sign a document promising not to publish the damning remarks.
"There were discussions between journalists and they agreed not to publish the comments due to the sensitivity of the issue," an unnamed journalist told Arret Sur Images.
One must wonder if the mainstream media would have been so sensitive had Netanyahu been caught making similar remarks.


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