We have passed the point of no return! Hear Alan on the web and on the radio this week- talking about the coming financial collapse, the New World Order, the Mark of the Beast, the EU in Bible prophecy, judgement on the nations and much else. Don't miss it!

On Wednesday, May 26, I am doing a webcast for South West Radio Ministries from Oklahoma, from 5.10 pm Greenwich Meantime, London, 11.10 am in Oklahoma, so you can hear this anywhere in the world via the web.


On Friday I am making an hour long broadcast on American Priorities with Bill Federer, going out on 70 radio stations across America- look up times on your local listings.

 These are exciting times! I plan to talk a lot about the pending world financial collapse, leading to the New World Order, mark of the beast etc etc. If you want to find out what's happening, follow the money, as I did as co/publisher (with Pat) of a nationwide business newspaper for 16 years until 2006.  I learned to read balance sheets and learned about a lot of businesses. The main thing, as Mr Micawbar would tell you, is that income exceeds expenditure. Right now,the industrialised states of the world are broke. They plan to keep things staggering along by issuing currency, borrowing and hoping that when the crash comes they are safely out of office with fat pensions. That is not going to happen. We have passed the point of no return and things are now likely to unfold quickly in an uncontrollable fashion. Clueless governments still don't understand that it is their spendthrift policies that have created a bankrupt world. The EU is now trying to abolish poverty by printing paper- we are seeing the end game and the result of decades of socialism, just as you are now experiencing. Batten down the hatches. Greece is bankrupt, but then so is California!  We are headed for a hyperinflationary depression - the coming Greater DEPRESSION. Here I would mention our book, Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain, in which I forecast all this happening when we wrote it in 2006. It's still relevant and copies are available from this website- look in  the webshop. The point is, it's a spiritual malaise and a move away from Biblical values that has caused all these problems. The more we try and plan things, the more our world unravels. Again, we talk about this a lot in Goodbye America. 

I will then talk about the new Prime Minister of Great Britain - once Great Britain, and where our politics are headed, the EU - it's future as a superstate, the prophecies of Daniel etc. The verdict of the British electorate at the recent general election was "a plague on all your houses." No party was given a clear mandate or majority - just as I predicted, again.


What we are seeing is the end result of 13 years of Socialism which has systematically destroyed our education system and our economy and attacked Christianity at every opportunity. Many of our young people are unemployable and barely able to read or write. Here I am speaking of university graduates! I speak from long experience of training young journalists and giving scores - maybe hundreds -of youngsters work experience over several decades. I saw the standards gradually dropping as the effects of progressive "education" worked through the system. The last few I tried to employ I had to send for remedial grammar lessons to ensure they were able to write in English. In the end we only employed older people.

  I think God is shaking our nations, in everything from the oil spill, the Icelandic volcano, confusion in leadership and so on. Imagine the coming bankruptcy of our two great nations- the ultimate humiliation. No wonder people are buying gold. Anyway, that gives you a flavor of what I have in mind. These are dramatic, exciting times. Isn't it good that the Lord is coming back!


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'And behold, I am coming quickly (suddenly). Blessed (happy) is he who heeds the words of the prophecy of this book.'
Revelation 22:7

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