A new law a day from "New Labour" -comment from Derek Bennett, editor of The Euro Realist

On that beautiful sunny morning, Friday 2nd May 1997, when it was known that New Labour had won the general election and Tony Blair was to be our new Prime Minister, the tune ‘It’s getting better’ was heard over and over again. The question of the time was - for whom is it getting better? After nine painful years of New Labour rule and constitutional destruction, the answer can only be - legislators, lawyers, barristers and the legal world. Over the last nine ruinous years Blair’s Government have introduced just over 3000 new laws, some of which are so arcane they even border on the ridiculous, such as the law which now makes it illegal for someone to enter the hull of the Titanic without permission from the Secretary of State! Not something the average person is inclined to do to relieve the boredom of a wet Sunday afternoon. Although the press and media have made an issue of this avalanche of new laws thrust upon the British people, no reportage has been made of where most of these laws originated. Considering the fact that the European Union now makes 70 to 80 per cent of our laws - imposed upon us from Brussels, and taking the more modest figure of 70 per cent, that means of these 3000 new laws over 2000 of them have not been made by our own elected politicians in our own Parliament, but by faceless and unaccountable Eurocrats on foreign shores. This unwarranted legislative avalanche, which is removing our freedom, amounts to a new law a day since May 1997.


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