A message from an encourager....by Alan Franklin.

Pat and I get numerous e-mails, a lot of questions and many suggestions. We would also like to thank those who write to encourage us. There is a ministry of encouragement and it is most welcome! Here's some news and thoughts from us.....

Here's an e-mail which we just received.

Hi Alan and Pat,
I have just finished reading your fantastic book,  EU; Final World Empire and I thoroughly enjoyed it!!!
I just couldn't set it down.
Thanks so much for all the great knowledge you have shared in this great book, I am a born again Christian
and love all end time prophecy teaching and read lots of books about the end times and new world order.
My next book on my agenda is your book on goodbye America goodbye Great Britain, cant wait to purchase this one!!
Blessings to you both in The Lord,
Marlou McAlees 

At the end of Feruary we considered abandoning this work. I showed Pat our latest figures and they made her hair stand on end as the losses were so large. She asked, quite reasonably: Is this really what God wants us to do? If so, surely we should be able to cover our costs? Pat and I have always given our time freely and it is not part of our "profit and loss" account. However, now we are not in paid work we cannot subsidize Christian activities quite as we once did. Small time publishing is not something you would do as a "business," as the figures just don't add up. So we put out a fleece....

We prayed, on February 23, that if in the next month we did not get record sales and income, we would call the whole thing off. If God wasn't providing, something was surely wrong. You may not be surprised to learn that the next four weeks were a record for us, with orders coming in from round the world. This helped a great deal. We thank the Lord for this clear sign.

So we are encouraged to work on our next book, which will concentrate on cults and "isms." We hope, God willing, that this will be published in time for my speaking dates in America and Canada. The book will go against all the world's perceived wisdom, on everything from multifaith movements to global non-warming. I believe it is much needed as Christians often lack clarity - and vital information - on things that many churches accept but which are dead wrong.

As time and resources permit we also want to rewrite, update and add to my first book, the EU book mentioned above. This has long since sold out and people keep asking for it, but a lot of work needs to be done to refine it. So that will also be done as soon as possible.

As you won't find our books and DVDs in many Christian bookshops we encourage you to tell your friends about them, and this website. We have no motivation other than to get the whole truth to the whole world! We now have regular visitors from over 80 countries every month, some of the 2,500 or so visitors to our site each day.

If churches in America or Britain would like me to do a speaking date, feel free to e-mail me at alan@thefreepressonline.co.uk We plan to be in St. Louis, MO; Tennessee, Pennsylvania and Ontario this fall. Finally, please note that we do not solicit donations. If you want to give us a boost, you could buy some books and distribute them to unsaved friends and relatives. They have proved to be powerful witnessing tools.



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'Be hospitable to one another without complaint. As each one has received a special gift, employ it in serving one another as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.'
1 Peter 4:9,10

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