The Pope, the man of many blasphemous titles.

This is an exchange of e-mails I had today with a Christian brother in Australia. Yes, we saw the Pope being treated as a superstar.As it happened, today we read John's Gospel, chapter 17. In Verse 11, in a prayer which is fully recorded, unlike other prayers Jesus made, our Lord addresses His Father as: "Holy Father." This is just one of many blasphemous titles the so-called pope claims as his own, as he swans around in fine robes and revels in the accolades. So unlike the way our Lord Jesus conducted Himself. This one fact alone tells you all you need to know about the Great Whore Church of Rome, which murdered tens of millions of believers down the centures and banned the Bible for hundreds of years. Yes, the Bible was top of the Catholics' list of banned books.It had to prevent people finding out about its false doctrines. Without chiseling money out of innocent dupes by claiming payments for prayers to get people out of purgatory, a place solely of Rome's invention, it would have been unable to build the gaudy palace of evil that is St. Peter's. I can hardly wait for its destruction. (See Revelation Chapter 17.) It would be good for you and all your friends to read Pat's articles on our website: Why I left The Catholic Church and : The Bible versus the Catholic Church. ( - see the Christian section and also take a look in archives.) People need to know all this, not pretend that somehow we are all brothers and sisters in Christ and doctrine no longer matters. Our forbears DIED in their stand against false doctrine. I just saw part of a programme broadcast on Channel Four in Britain, revelling in the delights of Islam. It came across like a propaganda piece. This is the channel that, at Christmas time, makes a practice of broadcasting attacks on Christianity, to which no response is allowed. Yes John, these are the last days when deception is rife, both in and out of the church. Most people are deceived, because they are comfortable being deceived. It is cosy in there with the crowd, and can seem lonely outside with the remnant church. It is the same wherever we go. I am speaking at the East Coast Prophecy Conference in Pennsylvania in September and, if past experience is anything to go by, we will meet people from all across America who have had to leave their churches because they have "gone crazy," become "Purpose Driven" or fallen into apostacy of one kind or another. Jude warns of this as do many other Bible writers. It is exactly what we are to expect as the time comes for our Lord to return to earth. "Will there be faith on earth when the Lord returns?" The fact that the question is posed suggests to me that there will be very little. But when these things start to happen we are to look up, for our redemption draws near.... Finally, thank you for your information on Creation. We support a great ministry out of Australia, Creation. They have just successfully raised the money to make a film refuting Darwin. Now how do I know that won't play on the main TV channels..... With love in the Lord from Alan -----Original Message----- From: John Sent: 20 July 2008 14:00 Hi Alan and Pat, Hope you are both well. It's winter here and a cold night with the heater work overtime. But I guess our winters are nowhere near as cold are a UK winter. Well I had to write to you. We have just had world youth week headed by the pope as the main attraction. I took note as the television news just went wild with the reporting. It seemed that all of a sudden religion was regarded a ok thing well while the pope was here. As I learnt from reading your book about the one world religion I could just see how easy it would be the get this ball rolling. With the pope as the head of this religion. To see people flocking to see this man. I just wonder how easy it would be to the pope to be the head of all religions. I am still finding it very frustrating that our church is not preaching or even discussing Bible prophecy nor talking about what is happening in the world. Out of this frustration I placed a flyer I had made up with tear off web site address to direct people to Lamb and Lion web site and the study on the book of revelations. Well it lasted two weeks I think before it was taken down. The reason why it was taken down I will never know but at least some addresses had been taken. Onto something that I was amazed at in a video I watch called "How great is our God". To cut a long story short the amazing highlight was when the preacher spoke about the a protein called laminin which acts as a glue, holding together every cell in our body. On that note I must say bye for now and you can now have a look at laminin and how great our God really is. Regards John D.....


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