'Pray against the genocide of white people in South Africa'

 An urgent request went around the church prayer chain yesterday to pray for a family we know of in South Africa who are desperate, with no food, no petrol, no police protection, and rioters expected to return last night.  Their relative in England is desperately concerned for them and all the others in such a dire plight.  Pray for a corridor of escape for the white South Africans, some country that will fling its door open and welcome them all.

Targetting of white farmers has been going on for years, and the murders have been under reported.  White businesses have had to cede control of their operations, whether restaurants, construction companies or whatever.  Many white people live in enclaves enclosed in electrified fences, and have fortified their individual houses as best they can.

This racism of blacks against whites is not widely reported because the liberal media has a different narrative to follow.

Peace loving blacks and whites as well seem powerless against rioters and violence.

All this is in line with what the Bible tells us, what the Lord Jesus described as the 'beginning of sorrows', Matthew 24:7,8.  Kingdom against kingdom is ethnos against ethnos - ethnic groups fighting each other, just as we see on the news now.  

We hate racism.  There is really only one race, the human race, and the groupings we are in are irrelevant in the light of eternity.  The most important thing is - have we accepted the Lord Jesus and His atoning sacrifice on the cross for our sins? 

That is what puts us in His great family, and that family is so diverse!  We come from every tribe and nation; we are every shade and tint under the sun; and we are known for our love for each other and love for Jesus.  After all, He made us all, black and white, red, yellow, whatever.  We are family in Jesus.

We are living in the season of the Lord's return, and increasing lawlessness is just one sign, a very terrible sign.  It is time to get ourselves ready by examining our lives, repenting of anything the Lord shows us, and warning others.  

Be watchful, be ready, for our redemption is drawing near!

Come, Lord Jesus!


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...you also must be ready; for the son of Man is coming at an hour when you do not think He will.
Matthew 24:44

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