The scenario after the coming financial crash: a one world electronic currency. Alan answers a reader's query.

I think a situation is arising, part engineered, part the problem of greed and bad government, that will result in paper money fast becoming worthless. That's why gold is going up and, in my opinion, will double and treble - perhaps even more than that. It's the currency of last resort.
We have a few examples from history of what happens in such scenarios, for example Weimar Germany, which led to the rise of Hitler.
This time round, the whole world is involved. I do not see China as a stable country. The world economies are interlinked in a way never before seen, as an hour or two watching assorted business channels would show. (I always start the day with CNBC from about 6.30 am, as I have breakfast.)
Therefore, my simple thinking is this. In a worldwide crisis you will need a worldwide solution. There are no "strong" countries. German banks are in dire straits, with leverage of up to 40 times their asset bases. The reason Germany helped Greece was pure self-interest - to try and keep its banks from going broke.
Today Timothy Geithner is in London, tomorrow with the European Central Bank. The talk is always of joint solutions, global action,  etc. He was in China earlier, presumably trying to persuade the Chinese to keep bankrolling America, which has a $1.6 trillion budget deficit this year - utterly unsustainable, getting worse and doomed never to be repaid.
The world is broke, nobody dare admit the true gravity of the situation and there are NO solutions. People droning on about how things have been improving are whistling in the dark. Of course, if you create money electronically and throw it in all directions, a modest number of people will get jobs. But the jobs are make-believe, cannot last and waste ever more money that nobody actually has. Oh dear!
So when it all goes pear-shaped, what happens? For a start, nobody really knows the timeline. It could happen quickly. I doubt the situation can go on for long, with currencies over the cliff but seemingly walking on air, as in old cartoons.
Here's my best guess - NOT a prediction, just my ideas based on a lot of information plus a knowledge of prophecy. The IMF, World Bank, UN or a combination of such bodies huddles together in fear and terror, as populations get restless- as per Greece.
We know - the Bible tells us so - that the world will go to a global solution, with a one-world currency, certainly electronic. It may be based in part on gold, to give people confidence and the currency some real value. I expect a sharp crackdown on any disturbance - the "iron fist" the EU has already threatened to unleash on future demonstrators.
As the EU has shown, if you have diverse governments and policies you cannot for long run a joint currency. This means you have to have a single authority, a world government,  outline plans for which I have seen, by the way.
A world government means a world leader, just as the EU decided it needed a president. This man, or one of his successors, will be the person who becomes antichrist. The time is not far off and the signs are all around. I don't set dates but I feel a great sense of urgency, which is why I am trying to get our books and DVDs out as widely as possible before the great crackdown comes. Free-thinkers, real Christians and any group which offers opposition will be ruthlessly supressed. Again, see German in the 1930s for the model.
That's it, put simply. Fiat money - the printing or electronic creation of money backed by no real assets- is coming to an end. There is no saving it, as people have to believe in it. The state of world financial markets- something approaching panic -shows that people are  ceasing to believe in funny money. The joke's over.
Hope this is interesting - best regards from Alan
Subject: Economic Articles
I love reading your articles regarding economies, the New World Order, etc, and thoroughly enjoyed your book Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain.

I understand that you have a very busy agenda, but i'm wondering if it would be useful if you could write an article expressing your opinions as to what the scenario would be after the "crash".

For example, if there is a lockdown due to a run on the banks, how would people buy food, petrol, etc. Would institutions seek immediate redemption of mortgages, and any failure to do so would lead to properties being re-possessed on a mass scale.

Obviously, I'm hoping that the Messiah will return and get us out of here before this sort of thing happens, but I think that we should have an awareness of what we may have to go through should He decide to tarry.

Good luck and God Bless,



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