Britain urges the world to stop genital mutilation of little girls - but it's happening here too! by Pat Franklin

British Members of Parliament have urged more action against the most barbaric crime of female genital mutilation.  Most western women will never have heard of this horrific practice of cutting away the genitals of little girls.  Now it has been revealed that this monstrous evil is even happening in England, but cowardly social workers have turned a blind eye!

The British MPs say not enough is being done.  There has not been a single prosecution in Britain.

A muslim website calls it ‘one of the three feminine sorrows’.  Muhammed did not prohibit it, and in Islam what is not prohibited can be tolerated.  Islam is often described as a religion of tolerance, but I had no idea of the horrors that could hide behind the word ‘tolerance’. 

 Female genital mutilation is NOT tolerated in the west!  It is a serious, unalterable crime against little girls.  In my opinion the perpetrators should not only be severely punished, but should be made to pay large amounts of compensation to the girls, VERY large amounts, hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

 I feel sick even putting this item on our website. The details are so horrible.  A news item on the BBC  today revealed that more than 20,000 girls in England NOW are at risk of this brutal, inhuman procedure, sanctioned by their own families - the very people who should be loving and protecting them! 

 Obviously mutilation of children is illegal in Britain, but it has been going on, and so far there has not been  even one prosecution.  Apparently some police, medical and social workers do not want to be thought of as ‘politically incorrect’.  I say ‘some’ because they can’t all be so cowardly!  Actually they are not. I know people in the police, in medicine, in social work and none of them are cowards.  It must be the people in charge who have  covered up these terrible crimes in the past.

 Thank the Lord this horror is now being unveiled and must surely be stopped.  Surely!  Please, Lord! 

Another sickening aspect is that some websites say it is not only muslims, but Christians who have this loathesome practice in their cultures.  No way!  No follower of the Lord Jesus Christ would even contemplate such a horrible act against a helpless little girl.  Jesus said 'Let the little children come to Me.'  He also said that anyone offending against one of the little ones would have a very bad fact it would be better for that person to have a millstone tied round his neck and be thrown into the sea.  That would be better than what the Lord has planned for certain men and women who have offended against children.

Websites say that 'coptic Christians' in Egypt are guilty of mutilations.  I can only say that if they are, no way are they true Christians. Jesus warned us that many - many! - would come in His name, expecting to get to Heaven, and He would have this to say to them:  'I never knew you; depart from Me, you workers of iniquity.'

Britain has the presidency of the G8 Summit this year, and one item that is on the agenda is stopping sexual violence, including female genital mutilation.  Come on G8!  Let's have some real action, not just windbagging.

I would suggest that for any girl who has been a victim of genital mutilation, she should be taken into care and a trust fund should be set up, and her parents and the mutilator fined large sums to be kept in trust for her, with the family property transferred to her as well, and the girl kept safe in care until she could inherit, under a new name.  That would stamp it out in the west, no doubt!

Another suggestion: put the girls into care and deport the parents.  Why should the taxpayer support them in prison for years?   And the boys?  Take them into care as well.  Any parents who would mutilate their little girls are not fit to have children at all.  And what about neutering them so they can't have any more children to mutilate?  That gets my vote.

June 24, 2013 - the latest on this is a report today that so far 1,700 girls who underwent forced genital mutilation have been referred to clinics in Britain.  Since most clinics do not make these figures public, the numbers are estimated to be far higher.  A telephone crisis line has been set up for girls to contact authorities.  What no one has yet mentioned is the religion of the people doing the mutilating. I think readers can guess.  It is a religion of peace and tolerance, or so we are always told by politicians.

Here is the BBC link exposing this evil practice:

 Here is the Wikipedia article detailing the horror of it:


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