The shape of things to come: Currency collapse, the gold price rocketing and the rise of the New World Order - by Alan Franklin

What in the world is going on? ALAN FRANKLIN comments. If you want to find out, follow the money. I start taping business news from early morning and watch a couple of hours of CNBC from 7 am, as I have breakfast. Sometimes you get wise old birds on, who are skeptical and believe little that governments tell them. I’d put myself in that category. Other times we get the optimists, insisting that all is well and the only way is up. I have been saying, repeatedly for over four years, that we are heading for The Greater Depression. Anybody who doesn’t understand this hasn’t closely examined the figures. They don’t and can’t add up.  For about 16 years until 2006, Pat and I were publishers of a business newspaper, among other things. I have interviewed a lot of businessmen. One thing they understand is how to read a balance sheet. What we have, in countries throughout the world, from Japan to Greece,  Italy to Argentina, the UK to the USA, is governments that pretend that balancing the books no longer matters. This is la la land. Reality will kick in at some stage, at which point the gold price will skyrocket.  Once our currencies ceased to be backed by gold we were on the downward path. Governments do not create real jobs, especially not by printing money and throwing it at vested interests. This merely wrecks nations' finances and creates hyper-inflation.

Sometimes people wonder why I publish stories about finance on a website dedicated to charting the end times. One reason is that we know that a one world government is coming and that everyone on earth will have to buy and sell using the “mark of the beast” – the 666 symbol that will possibly be an electronic chip. First, cash will crash and paper money will become obsolete – a trend already happening fast.  

I also believe that Christians need wisdom and good advice on how to manage their money – to be good stewards. This is not loving money – for it is the love of money that is the root of all evil, not money itself, which is merely a tool.


This is why we allow just one commercial company onto this site and have spurned opportunities for paid advertising. The firm is BullionVault, who enable ordinary people to buy and sell gold at the world’s best prices, without taking huge commissions. One lady I know invested a tiny amount- and why shouldn’t she, a widow, be taught how to protect her tiny nest egg? So I would encourage anyone with spare capital to safeguard some of it by investing in gold. These are uncertain times, the most dangerous since the 1920s.


Remember, by printing money governments are leading the world to disaster. Read what happened to Germany in the 20s and which lead directly to the rise of Hitler. I believe much the same will play out in the near future, also centered on Europe. America has little part to play in future world history, for reasons too complex to be detailed here, but which are connected with many things, from the turning away from support of Israel to the rampant homosexuality, worship of “foreign gods” and abortion. God will act because of all these sins. We set this out in great detail in our book Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain, available from our web shop.


The great powers are in decline and a New World Order is rising before your eyes. It will not be centered on China, which has its own huge problems, from water shortages to an aging population- and much else. Their currency would seem to be on the rise, but this is backed mainly by statistics even more suspect than those on unemployment figures put out by governments. Who really believes, for example, in a US unemployment rate of ten per cent? You could almost double that to get the true figure, which many experts would verify.


Sure, Greece is bankrupt, but so are states like California. I see no way back, short of more money printing to pay the bills with ever more worthless currency. In Zimbabwe they were printing 50 billion Dollar bills before the currency finally crashed. Don’t think “this can’t happen here.” It almost certainly will, unless Ron Paul is elected president.


So what we face is the politicians, huddled together for comfort in their endless “summit meetings”, trying to outdo each other in the cranking up of their printing presses. It will end in tears. Meanwhile, buy gold. The only way is up for the gold price. As a believer in a pre-tribulation rapture, I also believe our way is up very soon, before the Times of Jacob's Troubles come upon the world. It's an exciting time to be a Christian and we can use the world-shaking events on our news bulletins to draw attention to what the Bible's prophecies say about the times we live in.



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'For I do not desire, brethren, that you should be ignorant of this mystery, lest you should be wise in your own opinion, that hardening in part has happened to Israel until the fullness of the Gentiles has come in. And so all Israel will be saved...'
Romans 11:25,26

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