Terror victims Remembrance campaign 2008 - Israel's 60th birthday

The trail of Jews and others who were murdered or died in combat in Israel's wars, and in terror actions before and after the founding the state in Arab pogroms goes back over a hundred years. In fact, the carnage did not begin with Zionism. It goes back at least as far as a pogrom in Safed in 1837. Some references: Safed Massacre- 1837 Riots and massacres of 1920 - Beginning with Joseph Trumpeldor and continuing with the Nebi Musa massacre. Riots and massacres of 1921 Massacres and riots of 1929 Hebron massacre 1929 Qiriat Haroshet, 1938. - Just one of many incidents in the "Arab uprising" of 1936-1939. Hadassah hospital convoy massacre-1948 Gush Etzion massacre-1948 Israel war of Independence - Over 6,000 were killed in the Israel war of Independence, including over a thousand civilians in Jerusalem. Six Day War Nearly a thousand were killed in the Six Day War forced on Israel by Gamal Nasser and his Arab allies. Yom Kippur War Over two thousand were killed in the Yom Kippur war/ Palestinian Arab Terror 1920-1999 Palestinian Arab Terror victims 2000-2006 - Over a thousand Israelis and others have fallen victim to Palestinian terror during the violence that erupted as a result of the "peace process." Second Lebanon war - In July and August 2006, about 160 victims were claimed by Hezbollah rocket attacks on civilians and IDF operations in Lebanon. Sderot terror victims- In Sderot, the "harmless" Qassam rockets still terrorize people every day. At 12 have been killed within "green line" Israel. Carlos Chavez - international volunteer murdered by Palestinian terrorists According to official statistics, since the counting began, about 1920, over 22,000 have fallen victim to the Arab refusal to grant equal rights to Jews in our own homeland. It is the price of freedom. Anti-Zionists will claim that Jews are safer outside Israel. They will say "Israel is a mistake." It is not so. Freedom for Jews is cheap at twice the price: one day at Auschwitz killed more than all the wars of Israel and Arab terror attacks. Freedom is cheap at any price. The letter below was forwarded by Ted Belman of Israpundit. Please do your bit by forwarding and posting this entire article. Thanks. Ami Isseroff Terror victims Remembrance campaign 2008 - Israel's 60th birthday We will remember the soldiers fallen in wars and battles and also the civilians and children fallen in buses coming back from school, in restaurants dining with their families, and in the streets going to shop or to visit friends. On the next day, May 8th, we celebrated the 60th Independence Day of the State of Israel. The mixture of remembrance and mourning with happiness and hope symbolizes the life we live in Israel day after day. On March 5th 2003, my son Asaf, almost seventeen years old, nicknamed by his friends Blondi, came back from school riding a city bus. A suicide murderer exploded on the bus killing seventeen men, women and children. Nine of them were school children on their way home from school – including Asaf. Shortly after Asaf's death, I started looking and learning how Israel and Israelis commemorate their fallen dear ones. Terror didn't start in year 2000. The Israeli Arab conflict has cost the lives of many Jews during the last 100 years, and these are commemorated in many ways. I documented hundreds of commemoration sites, and created a web site that lists the sites in Israel, from as early as 1913, and all the way to today, after the second Lebanon war. Each site has its own web page, text explaining the event, and pictures from the commemoration site. I ask all of you getting this letter to participate in this remembrance campaign. Enter the web site, find a place you know or want to see, search for a commemoration, read about it and look at it. Then at the bottom of the web page, place a virtual flower on the memorial. Let's get to the 60th Independence Day celebrations with 60,000 flowers laid by people from all over the world on fallen terror victims' commemoration sites. 's make the crossing from remembrance to celebration the biggest ever and let's stand there for a moment, remembering those that are not with us to celebrate. The Hebrew version web site is http://www.ezy.co.il , clicking on "English" will take you to the English version of the web site. Click for direct access to the English version . By clicking the 'search' button on the top you can search for an attack place (free text search) or search for a commemoration by city or area (from a list of values) and even by range of dates. Some notable commemorations are: Playground in memory of two youngsters from bus 37 - http://www.ezy.co.il/memoSite_eng.asp?memorial_id=10 Double attack at Beit Lid junction - http://www.ezy.co.il/memoSite_eng.asp?memorial_id=162 Jerusalem bus attack on Mexico Street - http://www.ezy.co.il/memoSite_eng.asp?memorial_id=312 Yossi Zur, Asaf's father Yossi(at)Blondi.co.il -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please be a part of our lives and the miracle of Israel. Help us honor our dead even as we celebrate our independence. Lay a virtual flower for our victims. Copyright restrictions do NOT apply to this article, provided links and credits are left intact. Please post this article at your Web site/Web Log with all links and forward it to whoever might be interested. 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