My Beautiful Galilee

Ronnie McCracken was trying to sleep. The window was open and he could hear the waves lapping the shore of Galilee.  Here is the poem that came to him in the night.

My Beautiful Galilee

My beautiful Galilee,

Lapping the shore,

As I stood on your shingle

I heard Him once more.


I heard that sweet voice,

Speaking tender and low;

'Put your hand in Mine,

And together we'll go.'


'And though many storms,

May arise on the deep,

You'll know, My child,

That I've power to keep.'


In those gentle waves lapping,

That old stony shore;

I fancy I've heard from

my Savior once more.


'Do you love Me,

love Me, LOVE ME,' He said.

So I humbled my heart,

And I bowed down my head.


And the gentle waves lapping

My blue Galilee;

Seemed to answer my Savior,

And speak up for me.


'Yes. I love You, I love YOU;

I LOVE YOU,' they said;

As I sat with heart breaking,

And down-bended head.


So though there is nothing,

In me to acclaim;

I will publish abroad,

My Savior's great name.


While I wait for the day,

That surely will be;

When the Glory returns,

To my blue Galilee.


The waves are still lapping

That time honored shore;

And they seem to be speaking

And saying once more:


'We're waiting, Lord Jesus,

Thy Glory to see;

When the people of ISRAEL

Recognise Thee.


'So we still go on lapping,

And beating the shore;

Till Your coming again,

When we'll see YOU once more.'

Ronnie is an Irish pastor and evangelist who has led tours to Israel.  He has a particular love for Israel and the Jewish people, and on one of his trips, this poem came to him in the night.  We love it and the reminder in it that the Lord Jesus really IS coming back, and when He does, it will be to Israel. 

The poem is printed in the form of a card, and would make a wonderful gift to send to friends and relatives.  I (Pat) bought a bunch of the poem cards today, as Ronnie was holding a teaching day at the church we attend, Tongham Christian Fellowship in England.  Why not get some and send them instead of birthday cards or Christmas cards?  They will surely bless anyone who receives one. 

You can order from Ronnie by writing to him at 241 Seven Mile Straight, Crumlin, BT29 4YT Northern Ireland.  His phone number is 028 9082 5419.  To call from the USA direct would be 01144 28 9082 5419. 

Ronnie would like a gift of £1 per card, all of which goes to the school he has started for poor children in Ethiopia.   Currently he is raising money for a fence round the property to protect the pupils.  Some 250 go in the morning; another 250 later in the day; and adult classes are held there as well.  Our church in England is sponsoring one  child at the school, a little girl who would otherwise receive no education at all. 

I am smiling as I look at one of Ronnie's cards sitting next to my keyboard, thinking about the wonderful time when the Lord Jesus will be back on earth, maybe one day taking a bunch of those Ethiopian kids up to Galilee for a swim in that sparkling blue water...  One thing is sure - they will no longer be poor!  And anyone who has helped them will be very glad they did!






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