This is how Christians are treated in Islamic countries. Perhaps Obama would like to "reach out" to them?

I was e-mailed by a man who said that Obama was right to "reach out" to Moslems. Sounds reasonable, right? Not in the way he does it! Here is an e-mail, also received today, which shows that our "reaching out" is far from reciprocated. Instead, you face death for proclaiming Christ in the Islamic countries whose fellow Moslems demand "equal rights" in the west and claim such "rights" aggressively. Read and pray for these Christians under persecution- and wake up, America and Britain! ALAN FRANKLIN.

This is the e-mail begging for help for Christians in the dictatorship of Iran.

Dear Friends and Family,
I am writing this as an urgent request for all of you to lift up in prayer my dear friend Saeed. I am sending this to all contacts, so Please join with me as we pray for this man who faces a very real possibility of becoming a modern day martyr.

I met Saeed and his family about two weeks before I gave birth to Hannah. I felt a special compassion on Naghmeh - his wife - as she was also due to give birth at the same time as I. It was so hot and uncomfortable - so we found a common ground in that. Our similarities stopped there. I will never measure up to be the kind of woman of faith Nagmeh is. I have never met a woman with such conviction - such faith. When she was a little girl, she was raised in a strong Muslim home. She always felt as if there was something more - something she was missing - but her father never allowed her to explore other belief systems. One night in a dream, a man called Jesus appeared to her and spoke to her with such kindness and love she devoted her life to serve One she had never even heard of. When she inquired about this man, her father became very angry - so it was years before she ever learned more.

When she was walking the streets of Iran, she met a man who was speaking of this Jesus. The man was Saeed - a long time (Iranian born) missionary. When she heard him teaching this, she was overwhelmed to find that the man who had appeared to her in a dream was more than just a part of her imagination. She and Saeed married and devoted their lives to ministering to the Muslim people.

As you know, this is illegal - and punishable by death - in Iran. Saeed has been arrested twice before, and God has miraculously freed him. One time, the high court officials accepted the Gospel message he continued to teach - even from his jail cell. Saeed never denies this Lord. He always proclaims the Gospel even to the point of facing death, and this is why I write you today.

Three weeks ago, Saeed was arrested on the grounds of proclaiming the Christian message. He has been imprisoned and has been awaiting an assigned judge. Yesterday, we got the news that he was assigned the most anti Christian judge there is. (He has already submitted a letter admitting all guilt. He never lies - he is always honest and proclaims his belief in Christ no matter the cost). This same judge just sentenced two young girls to die for voicing their belief in Christ. His court date is Sunday morning Iranian time. Saturday night US time. I beg of you to be in continuous prayer - and to forward this to anyone you can think of. Call your friends, your family. E-mail anyone you can. PLEASE pray for our dear friends. Naghmeh and her two children are here in Boise with us right now, and she is showing an unbelievable amount of strength and patience. Please lift her up as well. This is a time sensitive matter. Our God is a God who can and DOES answer prayer - please pray for Saeed and his FREEDOM from the Iranian government. Please pray for the judge to have an overwhelming softening of heart in the next day and a half. Please ask ANYONE you know to pray for our friends.

Love, A.........


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