Financial panic hastens the New World Order! A news agency reports that the Trilateral Commission is urging European nations to give up more sovereignty. ALAN FRANKLIN reports.

The next phase in the creation of the New World Order is taking shape right now in Europe.

The financial crisis, in which a whole slew of countries are either bankrupt or heading that way, starting with Greece and, perhaps, eventually including Britain, is making the nation states of Europe give up even more of their sovereignty. Cheering them on are one-worlders and behind the scenes power-brokers The Trilateral Commission.


To build the fast approaching New World Order, countries have to be scared into giving up their independence. This is always done via financial fears or threats. I just read a telling report from Reuters news agency actually naming the Trilaterals as saying that European nations must move to a closer financial grouping – “ever closer union” is the long-used phrase of the Euro-fanatics.


I am sent conspiracy reports on a daily basis. Some contain elements of truth, but the problem is – and I was an editor for 21 years, remember –they are usually written by wannabee journalists who just don’t know how to fact check or ask the right questions.


When I see a Reuters report about the Trilaterals, that’s on a different level. It’s true, in other words. Here are some of the choice bits of their story:

Euro survival requires less budget sovereignty

Euro zone member states will have to forego some of their national budget sovereignty if Europe's single currency is to survive in the long term.That conviction is driving European Commission proposals for prior surveillance and peer review of national budget plans after the Greek debt crisis forced governments into a $1 trillion emergency package to stabilize the euro last week.The trouble is that there is little or no political appetite in member states to cede more power to Brussels.Germans furious at having to lend money to profligate Greeks despite the EU treaty's "no bailout" clause are fuming against a "transfer union," while the high-spending French seethe at the notion of unelected bureaucrats forcing austerity on them.It's not a promising starting point for agreeing on earlier mutual fiscal supervision to ensure that much flouted EU rules on public deficits and debts are actually respected. But the crisis has so shaken the 11-year-old currency area that what was unthinkable last week may be unavoidable next week.Ironically, policymakers and elder statesmen from elsewhere in the world are united in believing that the Europeans will have to move toward far greater economic, fiscal and political integration to make their currency union work.At the annual conference this month of the Trilateral Commission -- a network of policy elites from North America, Europe and East Asia which now embraces China and India -- former ministers, business leaders and central bankers agreed the EU would have to grow into a much closer economic union.Would Europe have the leadership to achieve this, a Chinese speaker asked politely, saying how big an inspiration the EU was to Asian nations developing regional cooperation. Conference ground rules prohibited identifying or directly quoting speakers.However, the Europeans themselves are still in denial about the political consequences, not least because in many member countries the crisis has triggered nationalist reflexes.The EU proposals would give the Commission and other member states an earlier say in shaping national budgets before they are confirmed by parliaments, and would widen the scope of macroeconomic surveillance to risks such as payments imbalances and asset price bubbles.At that point I will refer you to Reuters’ website to check out the story for yourselves.Interesting, isn’t it? This is clearly what will happen. Far from making Europe weaker, the crisis will be used to bind it closer. How do I Know for sure? I’ve read the book of Daniel and know that Europe will be the future powerbase of antichrist. His moment is coming soon.


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