G7 leaders descend on St Ives, the little jewel on the tip of England - by Pat Franklin

So the G7 leaders have descended on dear little St Ives in Cornwall.  Why pick on this tiny, quaint little fishing/tourist village on the southwest tip of England?  Why choose this place with very little parking and some streets just a few feet wide? 

The virus is probably the excuse, but  the G7 are not a popular group and St Ives with its inadequate roads is a much safer place for them.  And because everyone loves St Ives, maybe some of  that affection will rub off on them?   Or not.

The thousands of security people, many housed on a cruise liner in the bay, must practically outnumber the bemused residents.  The obvious place to meet is London,  but  too many loonies there and rent-a-mob protestors willing to riot and commit outrageous acts of extreme vandalism.

But if the leaders cannot even keep their own capital cities safe to meet in, are they fit to govern at all?

Or maybe they all just wanted a free, taxpayer-paid  holiday  by the sea in a beautiful location.   Must be nice!

So who are the G7?  The leaders of the USA, the UK, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Japan.  Plus representatives of the European Union.  

And this time the royals make an appearance, three generations of them.

And gosh, the luminaries of the world are all singing the same song -  Build Back Better!   More gender neutral!  More equal!  (How can you be ‘more’ equal?  Basic maths!)  More feminine!*

As one Fleet Street writer used to say:  Pass the sick bag.

One great leader was not welcome – the Lord Jesus.  No mention of Him; no looking to Him; no asking for His blessing on the proceedings; no  begging forgiveness for the insidious, evil laws our leaders have foisted on us.  No repentence for kicking Him out of schools.  No repentence for murdering the millions of babies He would have blessed us with.

In the little church we attend in England there have often been prayers for better government, for godly leadership, for a rolling back of terrible laws, for salvation for the entire generation of children growing up knowing nothing of God and the Bible.

Those prayers have not been answered.  Yet.  I don’t believe they will be answered in our time, the current dispensation.  But they will most certainly be answered in the Millennium, when the Lord Jesus is back on the planet He created, ruling the entire earth from Jerusalem.

In the meantime, we are stuck with these mediocre, ungodly people.  Rulers who cannot even write their own speeches, who can only spout phrases devised by faceless hacks.  Build back better! 

No.  Come, Lord Jesus!

 *I am not making this up.  These were the very words of Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of Britain, last night on the BBC.



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