Comic Strip Europe - you'd laugh if you weren't paying for it.

RETURN OF THE COMIC STRIP  - taken from the latest Euro Realist newsletter. A few years ago the EU, which is not averse to usinga bit of propaganda on kids in schools, produced a comic strip in which the EU heroine issued the classic line: “You can laugh now, but wait until you seemy amendments.”

The whole thing was so ridiculous it was laughed out of production, but the EU is at it again. It has just produced more than 300,000 copies of a glossy cartoon strip hardback in five languages,and is sending them to homes and schools with the aim of brainwashing children into thinking the EU does some good - which we all know is notthe case. Like its predecessor this one has its own ridiculous lines, including: “What’s a European lady like you doing in a place like this?” The European lady in question is Zana, a beautiful aid worker who wears a safari jacket, complete with the EU’s noose of gold stars on a blue background who, like all good little Euro bureaucrats, is on a mission to write a report on funding for a region of a country hit by disaster.

While the EU is producing books aboutheroines writing reports on fictitious disasters at acost to the taxpayers of £200,000, it is dragging its feet on the real disaster in Haiti, and squandering money on trying to brainwash children while people are suffering rather than using its funds for needed aid.

Matthew Elliot of the Taxpayers Alliance said: “This is pure political propaganda aimed at kids, which is a classic tactic of corrupt and unaccountable regimes down the ages. The EU seems to think it can buy itself popularity, but instead it simply makes itself look more out of touch.”

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