Goodbye to the Dollar as the UN schemes to bring in a new world reserve currency. ALAN FRANKLIN has some significant news of an important UN meeting this week. Things are moving fast!

The long prepared plan for a one world currency is nearing fruition. The Dollar is soon likely to be replaced as the world’s reserve currency as nations get ever more worried about the massive printing of money in the USA. This week a UN panel is likely to say that instead of the Dollar the world should have a basket of currencies as its reserve currency. The plan is to have something like the former European Currency Unit – ECU-instead of the Dollar. Interestingly, the ECU soon became the fully fledged European currency, the Euro. The same formula is likely to lead to the global currency – soon to be followed by the one world financial system and the mark of the beast, 666!This recommendation will be considered on Wednesday, March 25, by the United Nations’ Commission of Experts On International Financial Reform.Russia is also using the forthcoming G20 meeting of the world’s top financial leaders in London to propose a new world reserve currency.Since the US went off the Gold Standard under Nixon in 1971, the Dollar has been based on nothing more than a promise- and the fact that it has been a petro-currency. This means that countries like Saudi Arabia traded their oil in Dollars, as did most other oil producers. In recent times many of them have looked nervously as Uncle Sam got into ridiculous amounts of debt and is now resorting to printing money - literally creating currency from the printing press, out of thin air. This does not bode well for the future value of the Dollar. This is another reason why we have constantly urged readers to invest some of their savings in gold –we have a link to a gold market at the top of this page.Countries like China have a huge percentage of their assets- about $700 billion – in Dollar holdings like US Treasuries. However, they have recently gone public with their fears about whether the real value of their holdings is safe. They know, as the world does, that if you print money its value must fall. Anything that greatly increases in amount decreases in value – this is basic economics.Countries like Iran have long wanted, for political and religious reasons, to encourage the world to trade oil in anything other than Dollars. As America is now perceived around the world as a declining, fast weakening world power, it will be challenged head on with this new proposal. Power follows money and the world’s power is fast moving from the USA. Britain too is failing fast, for the same reasons – all of it underlined by a spiritual malaise. Pat and I outlined all this in our book, Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain, which tells it exactly as it is and explains why it is all happening. So far, everything we predicted has been spot on. That’s not down to our cleverness, but the fact that all we say and do is Bible-based. As long as we stick to that, we are on certain ground!The book and our DVDs are available from this website. Just click on our web shop.Watch this space. The End Times are moving fast!


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1 Corinthians 15:51

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