Together we can stop the Net Zero lunacy-it's an assault on our freedoms

Fight for freedom against Net Zero Greenatics


Net Zero: How Can We Stop The Madness?We have had so many supportive messages for our new No To Net Zero Campaign!

 Our current leaders are pressing on with a target of “Net Zero” that is simply unattainable without a spectacular collapse in the economies and societies of the world. How can we stop the madness?

 With Covid passes, mandates, and with other issues like so-called “Low Traffic Neighbourhoods,” (LTNs) we've shown our approach of encouraging the public to speak up has had an impact… and it will have to work on Net Zero too…


The progress on LTNs (a bad idea underpinned by Net Zero, of course!) is a good example.


We now see real movement from central Government with new LTN funding stopped, and a review that may result in action against existing, undemocratic LTNs. How did this happen?


It happened not because anyone in central Government was particularly interested in stopping LTNs - quite the reverse, the Conservative Government had been funding them!


It happened because enough people like us made enough noise, and...

 It's going to be the same deal with Net Zero, but on a FAR bigger scale.

 “But they won't listen!”

 Let's assume no-one ever listens - 'til we make them!

 “But it's law!”

 Yes! We'll need to change that.

 But they are getting these ideas from global organisations!”

 Does it really matter?


When we say “Take Back Democracy,” it means our task is to do whatever it takes to make elected representatives in this country accountable to the electorate. This is about the public here, reasserting itself. If we get that right, it doesn't matter all that much what they say in Davos, Brussels, or Geneva. Not easy, perhaps. But simple enough.


Tomorrow: we'll say more about how we can start to do that, in a major way with this campaign, with your help. 


For today, we'd be really grateful if you can help us spread the word with a social media post about the No To Net Zero campaign…


You can use or adapt our text below however you like, and for "bonus points" download and post THIS GRAPHIC as well:


Net Zero is a policy that is wrecking our country


I support the public campaign to say No To Net Zero at


@togetherdec @RishiSunak @Keir_Starmer @UKLabour @Conservatives


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