Fight to stop sharia law in the U.S. - but it is already operating in Britain

 The state of Oklahoma in the heartland of America has the chance to vote on keeping sharia law out of their state. Unfortunately, more than 80 sharia courts are already operating in Britain and no one had a chance to vote on it.  None of this will be in the mainstream media, of course.  Oklahoma voters - get out and vote on this one, please! 


Here is a report from One News Now. 


Anti-sharia initiative to 'save' Oklahoma  


Chad Groening - OneNewsNow - 10/27/2010 Oklahoma voters will have the chance next week to weigh in on a constitutional amendment that would prohibit courts from considering Islamic or other international law when deciding their rulings in state cases. 

The anti-sharia ballot initiative is known as State Question 755, or the "Save Our State" amendment, and it already has the approval of majorities in both houses of the state legislature. The effort is being spearheaded by ACT! for America founder and bestselling author, Brigitte Gabriel, who wrote They Must Be Stopped: Why We Must Defeat Radical Islam and How We Can Do It. She says the constitutional amendment would prevent Islamic extremists from taking over the Sooner State.

"There is actually a huge pocket of terrorist organizations operating out of Oklahoma. I know this because I work with members of the FBI who are in counter-terrorism and who are paying attention to what's happening in Oklahoma," she explains. "What we are seeing right now, not only in Oklahoma, but nationwide [is] where there is a large concentration of Muslim population, [there are] more demands and more push for sharia law."

Her group's radio ad relates the judge's decision in a New Jersey family court case. He did not grant a restraining order against an Islamic man who continually abused his wife.

"When she went to get a restraining order, he didn't give it to her because he said that her Muslim husband was within his Islamic right, and he did not believe the Muslim was doing a crime because it's within his religion to do that to his wife," Gabriel laments. "Thankfully, the judge was overruled a year later."

But she contends that even one case like this is unacceptable, which is why her group wants the people of Oklahoma to understand the importance of supporting the "Save Our State" amendment.




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