Sorry, ladies, but leadership is male - by Pat Franklin

Let men be men!

The Bible clearly teaches that men have the leadership in this world – not women!  This simple truth riles many women today, but there it is.  Dear ladies, let the men be men and stop trying to usurp them!

The equal rights protest women of the 1960s and 70s sure won their battle, and how we are suffering the consequences now as women who used to be able to stay home with their children are now having to work and leave their children with strangers. 

My Dad’s attitude when he married  my mother in 1941 was:  ‘No wife of mine will ever go out to work!’.  My mother stayed home and raised five of us and had a happy life. 

What a blessing she was to me; I loved her with all my heart.  How I hated it on the rare occasions when she would go out grocery shopping for an hour.   But that was not often; most of the time she gave an order over the phone to Bitters’ Market and Howard Bitters turned up later with boxes of groceries for the week.

There was never much money, but there was always meat on the table, we always had clean clothes, we had a lot of fun, and Mom and Dad made sure we had a good education.  They had so much wisdom, but I was too stupid to realize that when I got to college and started to think I was smarter than they were. 

Like Jesus once said of people who think too highly of themselves:  ‘blind guides’…’poor and blind and naked.’  That was me.

I don’t think like that any more.  College turned me from a loving daughter into an arrogant snob.  I thank God for the mercy He had on me and how He changed me from the inside out and brought me through the swamp of liberal lies.

But now the liberals have won every battle.

Once when our daughter was a teenager she asked about women and top jobs.  I said, well, look around and what do you see?  Good roads, buildings, bridges, schools, hospitals, millions of houses, cars, buses, trucks and trains – all these things we have because men designed them, funded them, built them and then had to go to war to keep them.

But now that everything is in place, all nicely built, everything up and running, women demand equality.  They want equal pay.  They want top jobs.  They want to run things.

What does the Bible say?  Women are to be helpers to men!  Not bosses, not demanding equal ‘rights’, but standing right alongside men, helping them in any way they can.

Dear ladies, please, let the men have the leadership roles God intends for them!  Stop trying to usurp the men that God has given us as a covering. 

I know how you feel; I was there once; I was just like you.  But I was wrong!  And deep inside, I even knew I was wrong! 

Genesis 2:18 tells us God’s thought process – that it was not good for the first man, Adam, to be alone.  So God decided to make a ‘helpmeet’ (a helper) for him.  So He made Eve with material taken from Adam’s own body.

God’s way is always best.  What a relief it was to find out the true role of women, that God designed us to help.  I can do that; that’s easy for me.  Jesus said His yoke is easy.  Women’s role is so easy!  Just be a helper. 

That is how we find real fulfilment.

This sea change in me did not happen until I came to faith in Jesus Christ and repented of my horrible sins.  If you will only read the New Testament, you too can find the truth – that you, even you, are a sinner and Jesus is the Savior who died for us on the cross. 

He stands today at the door of your heart and knocks.  Open that door and let Him in!   Ask Him to forgive your sins and make you one of His people.  That is all He is waiting for.


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