The New World Order is being created before your eyes! The Euro - Europe's common money - is in trouble and riots, financial meltdown and dictatorship loom. By ALAN FRANKLIN.

ALAN writes: I was reporting in the European Parliament when the members voted to give up their nations' independence by adopting a common currency, the Euro. I later told some of the MEPs (Members of the European Parliament) that the end game would be a dictatorship, to eventually be headed by the Antichrist. Of course, they didn't take me seriously. However, that is now the way we are fast heading, as a currency meltdown will hasten the ending of all freedom and the bringing in of the big brother world government.



 The Euro - the currency used by 15 of the 27 nations making up the EU superstate – the country called Europe –is under strain. Riots in Greece, with more likely to follow elsewhere, show what happens when a nation cannot allow its currency to rise or fall according to market sentiment.  The Euro is run from Germany by the European Central Bank and Germans only agreed to abandon their Deutschmark when they were assured the Euro would be a strong currency – and they would basically run it, from Frankfurt.  


So interest rates have always been set to please Germany, the European nation with the largest population and strongest economy. This, however, has been disastrous for the southern nations like Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal. Unable to set their own monetary policy and forced to live with interest rates unsuited to their needs, the result has been looming bankruptcy.  


Britain, which retains the pound, has been able to set its own interest rates and allow the currency to find a level appropriate for Britain’s economic position – currently poor. But the nations trapped in the Euro are like economic prisoners, with the only solution to their financial woes the cutting of jobs and wages. That’s why there are riots in Greece.

Other nations are likely to have to follow suit, so expect the troubles to spread.  Many people are saying that the Euro is doomed. This is not so. The leaders of Europe will do what it takes to keep the “project” going forward, for the aim is to create a single nation state with one economic government. A slogan of the EU is “ever closer union” and they won’t let a small matter like national bankruptcies – Greece and others are in reality broke - stop the project careering forward.  


What you are seeing in Europe now is the creation of a dictatorship, for the EU chiefs believe in never wasting a good crisis. The EU financial leaders, appearing daily on business TV channels, keep saying things like 2the Euro will not be allowed to fail.” They mean it. The EU project was always political as it makes no economic sense. The EU is basically just a vast spider-web of red tape and asinine rules, all extremely costly to nations like Britain, whose taxpayers now pay to pave roads in Spain, and so on. It was built on a lie – that the nation state was not under threat.

Traitors like former British Prime Minister Ted Heath always told British voters this before finally, not long before he died, admitting on TV that this was untrue-  the EU was always a political project. So what happens next? British trade unionist John Monks, reported in The Daily Mail, says   EU Commission President Jose Barroso told him  democracy could collapse in some European countries unless urgent action is taken.  

Here  I hand over to my friends at The Euro Realist magazine for this pithy riposte: “Most people will be having a problemgetting their heads around this comment due toPresident Barroso and his EU being the drivingforce undermining democracy across Europe formany years.  “They are now bewailing the fact that the global financial crisis, made much worse in Europe by the creation of the euro, could undermine democracyin Spain, Portugal and Greece! Despite this the EU continues  underminingthe democracies of all the other member nations too.  

“According to 'brother' Monks, Jose Barroso has set out an 'apocalyptic' visionin which crisis-hit countries in southern Europe could fall victim to military coups or popular uprisings as interest rates soar and public services collapse because their governments run out of money.  

“As the crisis begins to create angst across all of Europe, many of the people in once pro-EU countries are beginning to curse the day their governments sacrificed their own sovereigncurrencies on the fiscally bloodstained altar of theEU's euro. They have suffered inflation and job losses while their own finance ministers are hamstrung to do much about it as they are not allowed to set aninterest rate which would be of benefit to their economies. 

 “As Lord Monkton, who is now the joint Deputy Leader of the UK Independence Party, pointed out in the Daily Telegraph (15th June 2010), the EU is now proposing to undermine all the EU's democratic governments by vetting theirbudgets before their own parliaments see them, yet it hasn't been able to sign off its own books as it can't account for £billions of its own budget which hasgone missing due to fraud, corruption and gross incompetence.  “The only threat of a dictatorship in Europe is the dictatorship being created by the European Union itself.” 


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