A way through all this mess by Pat Franklin

 As everything good is crumbling around us, there is a way through all this.  Not many will find it, because the way in is narrow, tight, but there is still time to squeeze in. 

The Lord Jesus tells us about that narrow, tight way in the gospel of Matthew chapter 7.  Only a few will choose to go that way! 

How do we get on that narrow way, the only safe way to take?  The gospel of John chapter 10 verse 9 tells us that the Lord Jesus Himself is that gate, that narrow way. 

Only faith in Him will save us.  Faith in anything or anyone else will keep us on the broad way that leads to Hell.  Faith in Jesus is what saves us, not any good that we have done.

So what exactly do we have to believe?  Three specific things that occurred in history  ‘according to the scriptures’, as they were prophesied or foreshadowed in the Old Testament. 

These three things we have to believeare the gospel, the good news.  They are:

  • That Jesus Christ, born of a virgin just as prophesied in Isaiah 7:114, died to pay the penalty of our sins, just as prophesied in Isaiah 53 and Daniel 9:26
  • That He was buried just as prophesied in the Old Testament, in the tomb of a rich man (Isaiah 53:9)
  • That He rose from the dead , Psalm 16:10, that God the Father would not allow His Holy One, a term for the Messiah, Jesus, to see corruption.  And it had to be on the third day.   The Lord Jesus said He would rise on the third day ( Matthew 12:40), as Jonah was in the fish three days and nights.  Also, life was created on dry land on Day 3 of creation week, and Hosea 6:2 points to a third day resurrection of Israel, with whom the Messiah is identified.  As the Jews counted days, any part of a day counts as a day and a night.  So Friday is a day and a night, Saturday also, and even a tiny part of Sunday counts as a day and a night.  Therefore, three days and three nights.


So, dear friend, can you believe those three things and ask the Lord Jesus to put you on the narrow way, forgive all your sins and make you one of His people?  I am so glad I did, way back in 1981.


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'Be faithful until death, and I will give you the crown of life.' Two million Christians martyred in recent years in Sudan now have this crown.
Revelation 2:10

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