America to enter the Age of Despotism? Opinion, by Chuck Baldwin.

"The Age Of Despotism"
By Chuck Baldwin

This past Independence Day weekend, my friend, LCDR (Retired) Guy
Cunningham, delivered an outstanding address here in Pensacola, Florida, in
which he said that America is now in "The Age of Perfidy." He went on to say
that our country is soon to enter "The Age of Despotism." I candidly confess
that I believe the retired Naval officer could be more right than we might
want to admit.

Commander Cunningham is no slouch. He was a Green Beret (who served in the
same Special Forces company alongside his father and two brothers), an
infantryman with the 101st Airborne Division, Navy pilot, mission commander
and analyst. He is also the author of the now-famous 29 Palms Survey. His
military credentials are unassailable. When Commander Cunningham speaks,
people should listen.

Commander Cunningham revealed tremendous insight into the stranglehold that
the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) holds over the U.S. military by
estimating that "75% of military admirals and generals with two stars or
more have been trained by the CFR." He also came to the defense of Michael
New, who rightly honored his oath to the Constitution by refusing to submit
to the authority, uniform, and military commanders of the United Nations
when ordered to do so by his superior officers.

Speaking of the UN, Commander Cunningham rightly assessed the international
body to be a sinister organization that threatened the sovereignty and
independence of the United States, and from which the US needed to withdraw.
He also boldly stated that any and all treaties made with the UN should be
immediately annulled.

Commander Cunningham also highlighted the results of his 29 Palms Survey
(conducted in 1994), in which more than 20% of those combat-trained Marines
surveyed stated that they would fire upon American citizens in order to
confiscate their firearms if ordered to do so and, if required, would swear
allegiance to the United Nations. Cunningham said he feared that if those
same questions were asked of our Marines today, the percentage would be even

It was Commander Cunningham's statement that the United States is on the
verge of despotism, however, that really grabbed my attention. If anyone
should know the ins and outs of the science of freedom and oppression, it is
Commander Cunningham. His research and analysis of history, both American
and military, gives him a keen insight into the subject.

In supporting his ominous conclusion, Cunningham noted former President Bill
Clinton's introduction of PDD 25 (a Presidential Directive that is still in
place), which reportedly authorizes the President to use and declare martial
law at any time, for any reason. He reminded us of how the US military has
been used several times for action on US soil.

The US military was used directly in the government attack against the
Branch Davidians at the private residence of Mount Carmel outside Waco,
Texas. The military was stationed outside Los Angeles, California, during
the LA riots. The military was used in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.
The military even patrolled the streets of the tiny town of Geneva, Alabama,
after a man went on a short, albeit bloody, shooting spree.

Commander Cunningham also reminded us of how President George W. Bush
virtually expunged Posse Comitatus and set the table for despotism and
martial law by signing the USA Patriot Act into existence. As a result, we
now have an entire Army division assigned to the American homeland, a first
in US history. He noted that even FEMA has the authority to declare martial

Commander Cunningham also referenced recent Department of Homeland Security
(DHS) sponsored reports that refer to pro-life Christians, proponents of the
Second Amendment, and supporters of Ron Paul and yours truly (along with
many others) as potential terrorists. Such gross mischaracterizations of
law-abiding people--based solely on their political views--serves only to
reveal the federal government's willingness to both demonize and marginalize
people for the purpose of preparing the stage for possible military and
police action against them, he said.

The commander said further that his intelligence tells him that there are
Muslim terrorists already in the United States who are planning to stage
multi-city attacks, perhaps as early as this summer. He also expressed
incredulity at the fact that our federal government certainly knows that
these Muslim terrorists have been slipping across the southern border of the
US for some time and there has been almost no attempt by any Presidential
administration to stop them.

Commander Cunningham also expressed the fear that, should another attack
occur within our country, the current administration would not hesitate to
declare martial law, which would almost certainly include the confiscation
of firearms. At that point, he said, America will have entered "The Age of

I think it prudent, at this point, to make note of the fact that it was the
attempted confiscation of firearms by the British Crown that precipitated
the "shot heard 'round the world" and the advent of America's War for
Independence. Until then, America's founders were content to use peaceful
means to petition British injuries and injustices. But when the Crown moved
against their guns, the colonists resisted with violence, and there was no
remedy but complete and permanent separation.

If Commander Cunningham's educated prognostications regarding the Obama
administration's intentions to confiscate our guns and put us under some
sort of despotic rule are accurate, it is incumbent to remember that a
British king and a Japanese emperor each "awakened a sleeping giant" within
the hearts of the American people by attempting to render us defenseless.
If, now, a US President wants to repeat history, all he needs to do is try
and bring about "The Age of Despotism," and he will find that the "sleeping
giant" is still very much alive and well in the hearts of millions of
freedom-loving Americans.

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(c) Chuck Baldwin


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