The truth about UFOs and aliens, by Pat Franklin

UFOs – Alan always said investigating this subject was like trying to nail jelly.  Well, now someone has succeeded in nailing the jelly!  If you want the whole truth on flying saucers and aliens, you will find it in Gary Bates’ fascinating book, "Alien Intrusion."

Alan and I have met reputable people over the years who have seen remarkable and frightening things for which they could never find an explanation.   One elderly Christian man in Tennessee, for example, told me of an incident when he was a college student.  With many others, he watched  a huge flying saucer fly low and very slowly over the housetops.   

One British scientist told us of an enormous craft spotted on radar over a town in England.  It accelerated at enormous speed and disappeared.

These are typical of many stories the world over – stories for which there is never an explanation.

And then there are the abduction stories, the stuff of horror movies.  Unfortunately this terrifying phenomenon is out there.  Many people have had experiences with entities claiming to be from other worlds.  And although the "space brothers" claim to be here for our good, the result is far from good in the lives of those unfortunate enough to have had dealings with these beings.

Gary Bates deals with this disturbing subject with the wisdom that only comes with spiritual understanding.  Because, dear readers, UFOs are of the spiritual realm.  Real objects cannot fly at thousands of miles an hour and suddenly make a 90 degree turn.  Real objects in the physical world cannot appear and disappear on radar.  This is spiritual, folks.

The Lord Jesus warned us that one of the signs of the last days was deception, and many have been deceived into believing that beings from other planets are visiting the earth, when in fact the sightings and experiences are supernatural.  

The fact is that the supernatural is real.  There is a good, holy supernatural , which we learn all about in the Bible.   And the Bible also tells of a dark supernatural, the demonic realm of Satan, the adversary of all who love God.

Gary’s deep research has revealed that UFOs, ETs and abduction experiences are  within the deceptive  demonic realm.  Those who do not accept angels and demons as real beings, but cannot avoid a supernatural explanation, get around this by saying that the phenomena come from other dimensions, which of course they do.  But without the Bible, they cannot explain what those other dimensions are.

One surprising fact revealed in this seminal book is that hundreds of Christians have stopped UFO visitations and attempted abductions in their tracks – by simply crying out to Jesus for help. 

I have shared this with the Sunday School at our church and told the children,  ‘If you ever see anything odd or scary,  call out to Jesus and He will make it go away.’

But a very sobering fact found by researchers is that some abductions have NOT been stopped when the people involved called out to Jesus for help.  The researchers concluded that the people involved were not real Christians at all !  What a frightening thing this is, and what a wake up call to all of us to make sure we are not fooling ourselves, but really are in God's great family.*

There is a great deal more in Gary's meticulously researched book,  and we thoroughly recommend it to anyone who wants to know the truth about this mysterious subject.  There is no mystery once you know the truth.  There are some shocking things in the book, and some scary things. 

Personally, I thank God with all my heart for protecting me from all things occult, including the "space brothers."

*Are you in God's great family, dear reader?  Jesus told us we had to be "born again."  We were all born physically, but to belong to God, we have to be born spiritually.  How does this happen?  It happens when you put your faith and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ as God's only beotten Son who died for our sins, was buried, and rose on the third day.  The new birth means that the Holy Spirit comes to live in you and seals  you so that no one can ever snatch you away from the Lord. 
The new birth marks a total change in your inner life, because you now belong to God.  The great adventure begins, of actually getting to know the Creator of the universe, our dear and loving Savior.  Won't you put your trust in Jesus today, dear friend? 
Most people reject Him and choose to go the broad way to destruction.  The narrow way of faith in Jesus is rejected by so many!  So many walk away and are very comfortable with their choice...until, of course, the moment they die and realize what a tragic mistake they have made. 
Please, if you do not have Jesus in your heart, please re-think your position.  The last person I told about Jesus firmly rejected everything I said because she was mad at God and blamed Him for her brother's death.  God is good, folks!  And He is God!  We cannot understand the "why" of everything in our lives.  Many things we just must commit to the Lord, not understanding, but trusting our loving Father. 
When the Lord Jesus comes back to earth, He is going to put this whole planet to rights again, as it was when He created it, before Adam fell and Satan began his destructive program.  The future is more than bright - it is glorious, but only for those who accept the Lord Jesus as their Savior.  Won't you do that today?


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For the promise to Abraham or to his descendants that he would be heir of the world was not through the Law, but through the righteousness of faith.
Romans 4:13

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