A reader agrees with us about women staying silent in church

Pat and I stick to the Bible when we seek guidance, especially when writing. So we write what we believe to be true to the word, not what modern fashion says. Fashions change: God does not. This does not make for popularity as Biblical ideas go against the grain of modern times - which is why our society is in such a shambles!

Sometimes people agree with us. Here's an interesting e-mail we received from someone who appreciated one of our books, Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain.

Dear Alan and Pat Franklin
Theodore Danson-Smith of B McCall Barbour Book shop in Edinburgh is a very close friend of ours.  He asked me to send his very best wishes to you both.  He sent us a copy of your book 'Goodbye Britain, Goodbye USA' and we were so grateful to the warnings contained therein.  As we are living in the end times we cannot be complacent about what is going on around us and we have been for some time aware that things are changing at such a pace as we are in the end times. 
How refreshing to read Pat Franklin's comments on the word and what it has to say on women being silent in church.  Covering our heads when we are praying or prophesying and the matter of submission.  It is biblical and even though I to work in a business environment I know that I can still be a 'woman of God' as he wants me to be without compromising the Word.  I know I am not trendy but then I have never quite fitted in anyway so guess that qualifies me to be a sojourner just passing through with the Gospel.
In May of this year we felt led to leave a thriving church.  Very popular and with almost a 1000 people in various sites.  Our reasons are simple and there is no animosity with us having stated that we sensed that we were to stand back and wait on the Lord as we felt we were being led in a different direction.  As we did that the Lord confirmed via two or three witnesses that things weren't all they appeared, whilst not bad we needed to be right where God wants us.   The Gospel was preached.  It was full of fun, events and lots of opportunities to get involved in ministry of every kind.  Great big outreach sessions for very good causes.  People often working so much that they were too tired to study the word in any depth.  Again it was a good four years BUT we did with respect keep the leadership of the church informed that we had to be obedient to what we believed in our hearts. 
The reason for quickly summarising this is that Theodore thought with us being in a similar area you might know of some 'good guys' that meet to fellowship in our area?  We are in Hampshire in the Fareham area and there are a couple of families so far that are sensing a similar need for solid 'good' bible teaching and depth.  (We suggested Calvary Chapel with Pastor Ron Matsen, in Portsmouth) Thank you for reading this email.  Life is busy enough but we do so want to be 'spot on' in these last days and to ensure we can help others in to a safe haven to.
Every blessing in our saviour Christ Jesus
Lin and Ray  



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