The golden plover - God's miracle bird in Hawaii

Today I heard Chuck Smith (now with the Lord) talking about the golden plover, a bird which flies from Hawaii to Alaska for the summer there, at least 2000 miles over the Pacific Ocean. 
It has its chicks, and when winter gets near, it flies home, leaving the young birds behind.  A few weeks later, never having been anywhere except Alaska, with no other bird to guide them, the young birds take off on a non stop 2000 mile flight to Hawaii.  Why?  How?  Facing crosswinds of maybe 100 miles per hour which would blow anything off course.  God does it!  He can do anything!  He even wants us to pray so that He can answer our prayers so that He is glorified and we get joy.  Wow, what a God in heaven!  What a Father we have!
All glory to Him!
You can download all Chuck's teachings through the whole Bible from twft (The Word For Today). Just click on  Chuck taught his Calvary Chapel congregation the entire Bible, and it is all there free for everyone.  I put it a bit at a time on my MP3 (Walkman).  People in Europe need to get this and start learning more scripture.  The darkness here is so great and we need all the light we can get from God's Word.
You can also download Dr J Vernon McGee's teachings, his entire five year course going through every book of the Bible.  He is on The ttb stands for Through the Bible.


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