The man with iron in his fist...

It was an exciting night in Ireland, with a big crowd gathered in Belfast to see a title boxing match.  With both Catholics and Protestants in the audience, organizers were afraid of mob violence if things got out of hand. 

They knew that Peter Brandon was in town for another big meeting - in the Opera House, where he was scheduled to preach the gospel.  Someone had the bright idea of inviting him to address the crowd before the title fight started, to calm things down from the very beginning.  The invitation to speak at a fight intrigued him, and he agreed.

By the time he got to the arena, he began to wonder if he'd made the right decision.  The atmosphere was not exactly what he was used to, and as he walked down the aisle toward the ring, he noticed the seats got more and more expensive the closer he got.  Near the front were the most expensive, with couples in evening dress, women in long gowns, servants bringing them cocktails.

He just sent up a prayer: 'Lord, help!'  Andd as he climbed through the ropes, the Lord gave him a story, and he thought: 'Yes, that's good.'

Here is the gist of what he said:  'The Irish have never produced a world heavyweight champion, but there is a man in Ireland with iron in his fists.  That man could lay out the champ and he would not get up again.   He is a man with iron in his fists and when he goes to work, no one gets up. 

'You may be wondering, who is this man with such fists?  He is a man every one of you will encounter, because it is given to man to die once, and then the judgement.  The man is the man with the iron hammer who will fasten down your coffin.'

He told the audience that if they wanted to know more and to make sure they were squared up with God, they should go to the Opera House that week to hear his message.

A reporter who was there to cover the fight also covered Peter's short sermon, and the paper came out with the headline:  'Sermon preached at title fight.'  Lots of people read it, and when the date arrived for Peter's gospel event, crowds came to the Opera House.  Three hundred people had to be turned away.

Peter told us this story over lunch, and added:  'God is working among the Catholics.  In Ireland I was asked to speak to a meeting where Catholics brought their Catholic Bibles and began taking notes.  They were serious about the Bible; they wanted to know the truth.  Even a Mother Superior was there.  I was a bit worried about that, but she stayed after everyone else left, and she told me she had never been born again, and asked if I would pray for her.  Of course I did!'

--- If anyone is reading this and thinking:  well, I've never been born again either - why not put that right today?  You don't need Peter Brandon to pray for you, although he would be delighted to do so!  You can just go direct to the Lord Jesus.  He is knocking at the door of your heart.  You could say something like:  'Lord Jesus, I believe in You. I want You in my life. Please come into my life today and make me one of Your people.'

You need to be squared away with God, because you will certainly encounter the man with iron in his fist, and you will not get up again until the Judgement, and then it will be too late.  You have to get right with God NOW, while you are still alive, by accepting His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, as your Savior. 

Watch Peter for yourself on Youtube on this link -


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