The world wide flood of Noah's day was a real event - and this book proves it! by Pat Franklin

I have been reading ‘Earth in Upheaval’[1], a riveting book by Jewish author Immanuel Velikovsky in which he has assembled a large body of evidence for sudden, catastrophic events which happened in the time of historic man – not millions of years ago – and which left the earth a very different place.  His book totally destroys the Darwinian philosophy of uniformitarianism (long ages and slow, gradual change).  Instead, all over the earth Velikovsky found indisputable evidence for an immense, watery, worldwide catastrophe.

 Here are some of the facts he notes in the book: 

In Alaska – ‘Muck’consisting of frozen animals and trees in deposits 140 feet deep and extending for miles, including bones of mammoth, mastodon, super-bison and horse.

Kirkdale in Yorkshire, in a cave 80 feet above the valley, - bones of elephants, rhinoceroses, hippopotami, horses, deer, tigers, bears, wolves, foxes…the list goes on and on.

In Vermont - whale skeletons found 500 feet above sea level.

Near Montreal– whale skeletons found 600 feet above sea level. 

In Siberia-  mammoths (extinct elephants) found perfectly preserved, with their flesh looking like frozen beef and still edible! 

In France at Arcy in a cave, bones of hippopotamus found with reindeer bones and a worked flint. 

In the highest mountains on earth, theHimalayas– fish fossils.

In Wales at Cefn – bones of reindeer and grizzly bear and hippopotamus. 

In Scotland in Old Red Sandstone - a vast graveyard of fish contorted in death agonies, in many cases the tail bent round to the head, the spines sticking out, fins spread to the full, as in animals that die in convulsions. 

In the hills north of Delhi, India– ‘fossil beds stocked with animals of so many and such varied species that the animal world of today seems impoverished by comparison.’[2] 

Gibraltar- Fissures in the rock solidly packed with broken bones of many animals. 

All over the world – ‘erratic’ boulders and rocks, some enormous, carried great distances and deposited far from their place of origin; for example, Scandanavian boulders strewn in the Carpathian mountains ofRussia. 

Many places on earth - caves packed with enormous numbers of broken bones of great numbers of many different kinds of animals, as if a giant river had swept them all into the cave, breaking all their bones  inside their bodies on the way, then smashing them in along with sand, gravel and debris, swirling them around and leaving them packed tightly for our age to wonder at. 

Looking just at hippopotomi, a tropical animal, but whose bones are found even in Alaska, Zelikovsky  wonders if ‘a mountain-high wave that crossed the land and poured into the caves and filled them with marine sand and gravel’ could be the agent of death.  He goes on: ‘Or did the sea sweep them from Africa, throw them in heaps on theBritish Islesand in other places, and cover them with earth and marine debris?’  He concludes: ‘…their bones on theBritish Isles, as also on the bottom of the seas surrounding these islands, are signs of some great natural change.’ 

Even Darwin[3] was astonished by the evidence of a world which ‘must have swarmed with great monsters’ and wondered  what could have exterminated so many species.   Velikovsky quotesDarwin’s Journal:  ‘The mind at first is irresistibly hurried into the belief of some great catastrophe; but thus to destroy animals, both large and small in (North andSouth America)…we must shake the entire framework of the globe.’  Indeed.  Someone did! 

The problem for Darwin and many today is the belief in the doctrine of uniformity – long ages, and slow, gradual change.  Worldwide catastrophe does not fit their world view.  But their world view does not explain the evidence! 

For us as Bible believing Christians, there is no problem.  God explains it all in His great book.  He made everything in great variety, including animals of immense size, and He made them all at once, reproducing after their own ‘kind’.  This all fits in perfectly with modern science.  We see the evidence in the fossil beds that all creatures existed together, and man with them.  They did not evolve into other creatures, because their DNA replicated itself and they did indeed reproduce after their own ‘kind’, just as the Bible says. 

Then man’s evil became so great that mankind made God sick, so much so that He was sorry He had ever made man. His decision was to destroy the world of that day and start all over again with just one family and the land animals which would be kept safe in the Ark. 

And so it was that the ‘fountains of the deep’ ripped open, and we now have the great rift canyons in the oceans of the world, in places seven miles deep.  So it was that the canopy protecting the earth from solar radiation fell to earth, scattering a thin layer of iridium all over the globe.  So it was that the first rains fell, inundating the globe and changing the earth to the hydrologic system of water evaporation that we know today. So it was that Noah's Flood completely covered the entire earth, finishing up about 21 feet higher than the highest mountain peak. And that terrible year, as the tides pulled on that immense body of water, the plants and animals were swirled around, swept up in powerful currents and eventually deposited in the thick layers, the caves, fissures and fossil beds where they awaited discovery by modern science.

Velikovsky’s book makes for fascinating reading, and, reading with Christian eyes, I see on virtually every page more and more evidence for a young earth, recent creation and Noah’s Flood.  True science always validates the Bible (not that it needs validating).  Looking at the same evidence, Velikovsky, who was not a Christian, comes to different conclusions.  Anyway, his books are still obtainable through Amazon and are a treasure trove of astonishing facts.

 But if you have limited funds for reading material, forget Velikovsky and go for Creation Magazine, the finest resource available for scientific information put out in a readable way so that ordinary people can easily understand how the world was formed and the wonders of God’s creation.  We cannot recommend this magazine too highly – it is five star, solid gold, and every Christian family should have a subscription and keep the magazines for reference.  Their website which you can order from is  I have been looking through some of our old copies, which have not turned yellow or deteriorated at all over the years, and it is an intellectual and spiritual feast to read again through issues I had all but forgotten.  It will open your eyes and thrill your soul!


[1] Earth in Upheaval, Immanuel Velikovsky, Paradigma Ltd 2009

[2] Earth in Upheaval pg 84

[3]Charles Darwin, Journal of Researches into the Natural History and Geology of the Countries Visited During the Voyage of HMS Beagle Round the World, 1834



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