Anyone heard of Adolf Hitler? When Ray Comfort asked people on the street, many young people had never HEARD of Hitler! Click on this headline to get to our story and then click on the link to see for yourself

by Pat Franklin

Here is a link to a short, but powerful film by Ray Comfort in which he speaks to young people on the streets.  It is called 180, because after thinking about some crucial questions, some of the young people do a 180 degree turn in their opinions about God, the Ten Commandments and particularly abortion.    It is one of the most powerful videos I have seen, and I wish it would be shown to older teenagers in every school, college, and university in the world.

 I spent some time this morning sending the link to contacts on email, and then decided  it would get a much wider audience on our website.  This is an important little film, and it could be life changing and even destiny changing.  I wish I had seen it when I was young!  Here is the link:



 The first part features Germany.  Ray Comfort is out on the streets in Los Angeles asking  young people, student age:  'Do you know who Adolf Hitler was?'  You would be amazed - so many said they had never heard of him.  A few thought maybe he was a Communist.  Then Ray goes on from there, and wow, it really packs a punch.  

 He makes the point on the film that Germany has made it compulsory to teach all about Hitler and the Holocaust, in the hopes that history will not be repeated.  Judging from the appalling ignorance out on the streets, American schools don't seem to bother.  I learned nothing about World War Two at the Catholic schools I attended.  


I saw the liberation of Dachau on a TV documentary when I was about age 13 or 14, and I was practically in a state of shock.  I had never imagined such horrors.  I knew from then on that, whatever happened, I was on the side of the Jews.    In history classes we never got beyond the 19th Century. We followed textbooks, and they never managed to finish them; they always ran out of time at the end of the year.  And we knew virtually nothing about anything before the 19th century either because they made it so boring, just memorizing dates of kings and queens and ancient European battles which meant nothing to us. I hated history until I got out of college and eventually started my real education. 

Anyway, watch the video.  On the streets, Ray Comfort really opens the eyes of young people to the Holocaust, the Ten Commandments, abortion, and the question of our eternal destiny.  Several of the young people change their minds totally by the end of the film, making that 180 degree U turn which puts them on course for Heaven.


I don't often send links round, but this is a great one.



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