Will Israel stand alone? Get the lowdown from Amir Tsarfati

 We have just discovered a brilliant speaker on Israel, the End Times and Bible prophecy.  His name is Amir Tsarfati.  He is a native Israeli, a captain in the IDF (Israeli Defence Force) reserve, and a born again believer in Jesus Christ.  He became a Christian as a teenager after seeing the 'Jesus' film. (*see one reader's comments at end of article)

Amir is a tour guide in Israel and some of his tours have been put on the web, so even if you cannot afford a trip, you can learn online about some of the fascinating biblical sites.

Having found films on the web of Amir's talks in churches and at ancient sites in Israel, it was sad to see how few people had clicked on and watched them.  What brilliance, and yet how few visitors to those sites!   This man really knows what is going on, really knows Bible prophecy and is a gifted teacher.  We came across him while looking for some information on ruins at Bashan in the north of Israel.  Suddenly, there he was, filmed right at the ancient site.  Someone on his tour had filmed him and we heard his fascinating account. 

We were delighted when we put his name in a search engine and found many talks by him at Calvary Chapels in California.  There too, such truth, such knowledge - even insider knowledge! - and yet so few had watched these brilliant talks. 

Many people are becoming fearful now as history winds up to its prophesied conclusion.  Amir has a thorough understanding of what is coming, and also knows what is happening on the ground in the Middle East.  He is an excellent teacher who makes the End Times scenario very clear and easy to understand. 

Readers of our website are pretty clued up, but to get even more clued up, here are a few of the links you can click on to hear Amir for yourself. 

Here is a link to his talk 'Will Israel Stand Alone?' which is in 7 parts, so you will have to click at the end of each part to get the next bit up:


Below, more links including at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills speaking on Israel, America, the Stuxnet virus and much else:


About the end times:


 On tour:


As they say in Israel:  Enjoy!

* Greetings,  I read your article on Amir Tsarfati.  I have had the blessing of having Amir as our tour guide in Israel. He will again be leading our church in March of this year. (Calvary Chapel East Anaheim).

 Amir has spoken at our church numerous times and is a close friend of our Pastor, Bob Kopeny. 

You can find four messages on our website given by Amir. The last one was July of 2012. I have attached the link. 


My favorite words that came from Amir while in Israel were spoken to a small group from our larger group. He brought us all in close and said, “You believe you came to Israel to see all the amazing sites and to learn about Israel. That you did. But the real reason you came is to be a witness. God wants you to go back and tell people…Israel is alive. Just as God said Israel has come back from the dead. God is faithful to keep His promises”.

 I was blown away by that. It was absolutely true. I have not stop telling anyone who will listen about God’s promise to bring Israel back to life. I went in 2007. (I really want to go back soon). I constantly look back and pictures and notes taken.

 Just an amazing trip. And Amir has insights I’ve never heard from anyone else.

 God bless!!! 

Best Regards, 

Scott Fambrough




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