Jerusalem pastor talks about where the Lord Jesus was born

When the Lord Jesus came the first time, we all know His holy birth was at Bethlehem, but where exactly in Bethlehem?  Our little church in England found out more about where the great event took place, for the pastor of the Jerusalem Assembly was visiting us, and he spoke on the book of Micah.  

Pastor Meno Kalisher was in England only for a week, so we were very fortunate to have him at our little fellowship.  He went through parts of Chapter 3 and 4 and focussed on  Chapter 4 verse 8.  In the King James version it says:  ‘And thou, O tower of the flock, the stronghold of the daughter of Zion, unto thee shall it come, even the first dominion; the kingdom shall come to the daughter of Jerusalem.’    

The ‘flock’ referred to lambs being raised in that field for sacrifice in the Temple.  Of course those innocent lambs foreshadowed the holy Lamb of God, whose sacrifice was for the sins of all who trust in Him.    Meno told us that a wooden tower would have been built in the middle of that field, so that a watchman could keep an eye out for wolves and bears.  It was an unremarkable tower, and would have excited no one’s interest.  But the term ‘tower of the flock’ is just a translation. The actual Hebrew is Migdol (tower) Eder, the tower of Eder, and that is a specific place mentioned in Genesis 35:21.  It was near the place were Rachel died in childbirth.   

So we know know from that verse that the exact place where the Lord was born was in the field where Levites raised sacrificial lambs, and at the site of that wooden lookout tower.    

Verse 8 also tells us it was the ‘first dominion’, or, as Meno put it, the first government of the Lord.  The very fact that it is described as the first indicates that there will be a second government of the Lord Jesus, our strong tower.  

This is just a little taste of what was a very moving sermon.  Meno said many other things, and you can probably order a copy of his sermon from   

 It strikes us as very sad that when a true man of God goes to all the trouble of visiting Britain, he has so few doors open to him, so few hearts willing to receive him, so few churches willing to make their pulpits available to him.  Meno and many other men who are great in God’s eyes have stood in the pulpit at our little chapel, and have thrilled our hearts and deepened our understanding.  We are thinking of Arnold Fruchtenbaum, Dave Hunt, Roger Oakland and others.   

We are very grateful to have them, but sad that more fellowships do NOT have them.  Few churches these days in Britain want to know the truth. If anyone   would like to contact Meno or invite him to speak or perhaps visit the fellowship in Jerusalem, the contact details are: Jerusalem Assembly, House of Redemption
P.O. Box 10608
Jerusalem 91105
Phone: 02-5834949
 Or go to       



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