The rejection of Jesus

by Pat Franklin

We just had a morning Bible reading, Luke chapters 4 and 5 and I wanted to share something I learned from Arnold Fruchtenbaum, the great Jewish Bible teacher.

He has a wonderful teaching on 'A Jewish Perspective on the Life of Messiah' which reveals so much more than we usually get from just reading the gospels.  The rabbis taught that there were three miracles only Messiah would be able to do:  healing a Jewish leper (Naaman was healed, but he was a Syrian); the healing of a man born blind; the casting out of a dumb demon (from a man who could not speak to tell the exorcist the name of the demon to be cast out).  Jesus did all those three types of miracles, so they should have known He was the promised Messiah. 

But of course they did not want to know.  As Alan remarked to me:  'They had set up an institution and had a cushy old life for themselves. They were not about to give it up.' 

No time to write more now, but  just to say that I love Luke 5:32.  'I have not come to call the righteous but sinners to repentance.'  Ten thousand times ten thousand and thousands of thousands of 'Thank You', Lord Jesus!


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