The media, the churches and the schools are keeping us ignorant

Our newspapers and news programs are not informing us.  On the same day we heard that America gave $6 million to repair mosques and other religious edifaces* around the world, the major metropolitan newspaper we read today said nothing of this, but carried an article telling us to be more tolerant.

Our churches should be teaching us truth, but they are not.  Most are just going through nice services and rituals which make people feel good.  People come out without having learned one new thing about God, the Bible, or what is going on in our countries and the world. 

Our schools are not educating us.  A professor of mathematics at a major university in America told us that the new intake of students hoping to gain degrees in maths have no solid foundation and have to be put into special remedial maths classes.  In England we know unfortunate adults who have been through the entire education system and cannot read or write.

America, wake up!.  Britain, wake up!  People, wake up!  You can find things out for yourself, on this website and many others. Click on our Links for more good sites where you can learn the truth.  As our Lord Jesus said, night is coming when no one will be able to work, but that dark night is not here just yet.  Read, learn, talk, write letters to newspapers.  Call your political representatives.  Get involved. Get going.  We’re not dead yet; pray that God will open some door for you to do SOMETHING. 

Don’t hide  your light under a barrel.  Don’t be salt that loses its savor.  Don’t be the bad servant who had one talent and buried it.  His master was so disgusted that he chucked that servant out and gave that one talent to someone else.  Everybody has some talent, something he is good at, something he can do.  DO IT, whatever it may be.  Our job as Christians is to tell people about Jesus.  This may soon be against the law.  Find someone today and tell them.


P.S. We are trying to inform people through our books and this website. Alan also speaks and shows Powerpoint presentations which are real eye openers.  If you would like him to come and speak in your town, just email us at this website,


* And why on earth should American taxpayers fork out to repair any religious building?  Let those who want the buildings pay for their upkeep!  And if they cannot do so, let the mosques, cathedrals etc fall down.  They are all going soon anyway.  The Bible is very clear on that.  And if you do not know about this, it is time to start studying Bible prophecy, the one-third of the Bible which most churches ignore.

Alan adds: The books Pat and I write together are packed with facts every Christian needs to know in these times of great deception. We keep prices as low as possible and ship them round the world. Take a look in our web shop.



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