An amazing plant appears in the garden - another wonder of creation by Pat Franklin

Meadow sage, described as 'a hairy perrenial up to two feet or more tall with square stems.'

Another pic of our meadow sage, 'a rare local plant of chalk grassland in southern and central England' according to the wildflower book.

A large and vigorous plant grew out of a crack in the patio, and we just left it to see what it would become.  It is now in full flower and my Oxford Book of Wildflowers identifies it as meadow sage.

It grew quite big and ugly, but within a few weeks started to flower, the stems covered with little purple and white orchid like blooms.  And the stems are, would you believe, square!  Yes, they really are square. I have never seen a square stem before, but there it is.  They are also very hairy, so insects leave them alone.

The leaves have a distinct smell, a bit sagey, and we wonder about this amazing plant - so strong, so beautifully engineered and yet with such delicate flowers.  Another wonder of creation.  Could it have some medicinal use?  Has anyone tried to find out?  We do wonder.  All the billions and trillions of dollars being flushed away on useless nonsense.  How about someone investigating the properties of meadow sage?  Do we have a cure for cancer growing out of a crack in the patio?  Maybe not, but has anyone looked into this? 

Anyway, it has given us a lot of pleasure and maybe I'll save some seeds. 

I decided to put this little item on the website to give glory to our wonderful Lord Jesus who designed and created meadow sage.  Isn't He marvellous?  He is beyond brilliant.  And I am so glad that He had a bird drop a little seed in a crack and we were able to admire one more aspect of His incredible creation.  Thank You, Lord!

P.S.  A few days after posting this item on the website a lady reader contacted us and said she grows many medicinal plants in her garden, and will now add some meadow sage, which does indeed turn out to have wonderful benefits, particularly for menopausal women.  Many say it has stopped or greatly reduced their hot flushes and night sweats.  What a wonderful Savior we have, to provide such incredible plants. 


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