Hello from tornado-torn America by Pat Franklin

Hello from tornado-torn America.  We just left Tennessee,  where hundreds were left homeless by tornadoes.   We are on our way back to Missouri, where 700 homes were levelled a few weeks ago, and just last weekend theMissouri town of Joplin was virtually destroyed. 

This is just unprecedented.  So what is going on?  We believe America is in perilous times and desperately needs God's great hand of protection to deliver the nation from evil, but few of our leaders recognize this.  In the midst of disaster, there is mercy.  Not one death in St Louis.  That is pretty merciful, when 700 homes were smashed to smithereerns.  My brother-in-law went to help and was in tears when he witnessed the devastation; he said TV pictures did not convey the enormity of the catastrophe.

Joplin was  not so fortunate and the death toll so far is about 100.  The trouble is – our leaders never learn.  There is no call for repentence in the nation.  There is no soul-searching.  There is no turning back to God. 

What there is is an election coming, and Mr Obama wants to win it.  Instead of calling the nation to prayer, he is using taxpayers’ money on a jaunt to Ireland and England.  The Ireland trip has no doubt sewn up the Irish vote and the feel good English trip will also win the hearts of American voters who love England. 

They won’t remember that one of Obama’s first acts as president was to send back to England the bust of Winston Churrchill, which was given to America as a gift after World War Two.  That was Obama’s consummate act of rudeness showing his contempt for Britain.  Now he wants to be seen on the news with the Queen and also with the newly married royal couple.  That should be worth several million votes.  But not mine.


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