New 'Christian' film is puffed by Focus on the Family and slated by Creation Ministries

There is a new ‘Christian’ film out, The Genesis Code, said to be a great Christian family film by the Focus on the Family magazine.   Of course the Lord Jesus warned us that these last days will be marked by deception…  To clear your head, read the review by Darek Isaacs, from Creation Ministries International.

In his review of The Genesis Code, Mr Isaacs writes: ‘… a stronger misrepresentation of God is difficult to imagine. God did not write with the pen of a jester when He said “days” (the six days of creation).   He did not wear a cloak of ambiguity when He said man’s sin caused death in creation (Romans 5:12, Romans 8:20). He did not encrypt His divine Word that would need to be cracked by physicists thousands of years, and billions of souls, after the fact.

‘The Genesis Code is meant to be an apologetic for the Christian faith. It wears the attire of Christianity, but due to compromise, it teaches as doctrine things that are totally foreign to the Christianity that is based on the ‘big picture’ of creation, the fall, and the cross. And even though it’s a film about Christianity, it doesn’t present any of the vital elements of the gospel. Sadly, despite this fact, many Christian organizations have endorsed this film. I can’t say this surprises me. In fact, I expected it. Much of our modern Church simply has lost discernment and has adopted an idea, by and large, that the gospel must change to meet the changes of modern society. But that is a flawed belief. God is never-changing.

‘So, rather than being a good apologetic for the Christian faith, it is more likely to steer people away from the faith, because it answers the ‘problem’ of the Bible versus science by saying that the Bible does not mean what it says. It’s not rocket science to therefore conclude that if this is true other parts must have the same problem. Do we need special ‘codes’ to explain the feeding of the five thousand, or the Resurrection, simply because man’s view of science says that such things cannot happen?

‘When Christianity fails to observe scriptural authority and avoids repentance of sin, it no longer is Christianity rather it is Christianism, which steers clear of the true gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.’

For the full review click on this CMI link 


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