The email begged for Bibles for Nigeria - but our Nigerian friend warned us it was a fraud in the making!

by Pat Franklin

An email arrived in my inbox last week from someone claiming to be a Nigerian pastor and asking for Bibles.  There was a mailing address and even a photo of the 'pastor' with other African pastors. 

The letter sounded very plausible and told how he had started a Bible study in his house, and it grew into a church, but many of the people could not afford Bibles.  Could I please send 12 large print Bibles, plus a study Bible for him.  Uh...I referred it to Alan.

He had the same reservations I did:  why did this suddenly come to me, and not to him?  Was it a scam?

Fortunately we know a very godly Nigerian couple and I told the wife about it at church last Sunday.   She said Bibles were extremely expensive in Nigeria, and the postage would also cost a fortune.  She referred the matter to her husband, who happened to be in Nigeria on business.  Today, back came his reply:

'I've read the email and I strongly advise that you do not send any bibles, neither should you send a reply.  This is a case of someone trying to set you up to eventually defraud you. You may think nothing on the email points to fraud and as a believer in Our Lord Jesus Christ you may want to take this as an opportunity to bless His body, but in my opinion the content of the mail and the picture points to fraud and I have no doubts in my mind about it.'
Right!  Thank goodness, I had not sent a reply. 
I'm putting this item on our website just to warn other Christians to beware, and whatever you do, never put your bank details on email. 


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