As 500 babies are aborted in Britain today, a father calls for men to stand up against abortion

 The man in the pulpit in England was not a preacher, but a businessman, husband and father.  His message: more than 500 babies are aborted every day in Britain.  He said that William Wilberforce had led the struggle to abolish slavery, but no man today is leading the charge to save the lives of more than 500 babies a day.  He called for a new William Wilberforce and for men to stand and fight for the rights of the unborn children.  Is there such a man? 

He read out a quote from William Wilberforce: 

“Providence governs the world. But if we are not blind to the course of human events, as well as utterly deaf to the plain instructions of Revelation, we must believe that a continued course of wickedness, oppression, and cruelty, obstinately maintained in spite of the fullest knowledge and loudest warnings, must infallibly bring down upon us the heaviest judgments of the Almighty.” (Wilberforce letter quoted in William Hague’s biography p352.) 

Is there such a man today?

 Many today fight for the rights of animals.  Hundreds of thousands of protesters turned out on the streets of London to demand an end of fox hunting, because they thought it was cruel to foxes and they got their wish.

 Is there a Wilberforce out there today?

 The speaker’s statistics came from the website Abort67, link below, but only click on it if you can bear to see the mangled corpse of a 10 week old unborn baby.





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