History Channel smears King David and Joshua - by Pat Franklin

How I wish I were in charge of the History Channel so that I could fire everybody there who was involved in producing the series Battles B.C.  I have seen two episodes so far - the first depicted King David as a murderous Mafia godfather. The second besmirched Joshua as a bloodthirsty monster.

God's view of these two men is somewhat different. Far from being a Mafioso, David is described as 'the sweet psalmist of Israel'  and a man after God's own heart.  His love and care for people and his great mercy are abundantly clear in the scriptures, but these godly qualities were ignored in Battles B.C. 

 David's deep repentance and sorrow over his own sins are a model for the rest of us and the fact that he was forgiven for adultery and murder gives hope to everyone down through history that they too can be forgiven of whatever they have done wrong. 

The program also conveniently overlooks the fact that David will be resurrected one day and will reign with the Lord Jesus in Jerusalem.  It is not a good idea to slander David, who will one day be reigning with Christ on this earth.  Not a good idea at all.

As for Joshua, what a hero.  Before the battle for Jericho, Joshua was favored with a firsthand audience with the Captain of the Lord's host, a pre-incarnate appearance of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Anyone who trashes Joshua is making some powerful enemies! 

People get away with their reckless accusations against the Bible now, but there is a day coming when the Lord Jesus will return, and His Old Testament saints with Him.  Those who are being maligned on TV now will have total authority then!

The history 'experts' are quick to smear the Bible and its heroes, and no one is given the opportunity to correct the false impression they leave in the minds of viewers.  Also, no one is given air time to correct the errors of fact in the programs.

These experts, so keen to examine military exploits, say nothing about Mohammed and the battles in which his hordes swept across the Middle East and North Africa, leaving a river of blood behind them.  Will they call him a Mafia godfather or a murderous tyrant?  No, of course not.  They are too afraid. 

 As usual, the Bible is fair game for anyone who wants to smear it.  The smug experts can smear and sneer all they like; no Christian will ever harm them.  Mohammed, Islam and the Koran, of course, are quite another matter.    The wimpish experts are strangely reluctant to look into those foul and murky depths.

I look forward to the day when  the Lord Jesus will return to this earth and every knee will bow to Him and every mouth will confess that He is Lord.  Those who have levelled their verbal artillery at the Bible will have some answering to do, and I would not be in their shoes for anything. 


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