Does your church do 'slain in the spirit'? Time to head for the door, folks! by Pat Franklin

We used to go to churches where people were prayed for and then fell backwards.  They never told us that in the Bible, it was God's enemies who fell backwards; His friends fall on their faces in worship.

We long ago left such churches, and it took quite a while to get our thinking straightened out!  I thank God for the church we attend now.  It's not huge and it's sure not fancy, but as a cartoon puts it on a website:  'Better to be a small church on the rock than a big church on the sand!' 

Meanwhile, I have found a brilliant discernment website called Let Us Reason which has a great article on the 'slain in the spirit' phenomenon.  It goes deeply into the whole matter and  you can read and decide for yourself by clicking on this link:

They also have many other brilliant articles which will open your eyes to the deceptions now in the churches. 

In our small way, we try to do the same thing in our books. Today I sent an email to a lady who is reading our Cults and Isms: True or False? book saying:

'We were just ordinary journalists, very anti-Christian journalists!  Then God just broke into our lives and we came to believe that Jesus really is who He said, the Son of God, who died for our sins, which were many.  We put our trust in Jesus in the 1980s and that was the start of a whole new life for us, though we continued in our secular jobs. 

We had no ambition to write books, and Alan certainly did not plan to do any public speaking, but somehow it has all come about.  We had learned so much, and we felt we just had to try and tell people the truth about the Lord Jesus, the truth of the Bible, about how to make sure of Heaven, about creation and the lie of evolution...and much more. Sometimes I think that our whole journalistic careers were nothing but a preparation for writing our books and the articles on our website.'

Anyway, I thoroughly recommend the Let Us Reason website.  Our books are for sale in our web shop, together with DVDs



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