Thank You, Lord, this Thanksgiving Day, for the 'right and title to eternal glory and happiness'; thank You that my name is written down in Heaven. A thousand thousand thank You's, Lord Jesus my Savior!

by Pat

How much we who know the Lord have to be thankful for!  Never mind the terrible state of the world today.  We have a hope and a future!*

In Luke 10:20 the Lord Jesus had sent his disciples out preaching and they came back in great excitement at the wonderful things they had accomplished, but the Lord told them to rejoice about something much better than that - that their names were written down in Heaven!  That is the greatest thing - our eternal future.  The fact that it is forever secure is the most amazing fact.

The Lord Jesus said that if we believe in Him, we HAVE eternal life. (John 6:47)  We have it, like a sure deposit in a bank.  It is laid up there for us where no one can steal it.  We have it, sure and certain, bought and paid for by Jesus Christ.  Now that is something to be thankful for indeed!  We have not had to do one thing for it; we only have to accept this stupendous free gift of salvation, which was won for us at Calvary.

Dear friend, have you accepted that marvellous free gift of God?  The facts given to us in the four gospels are very clear and they are provable.  They are:

* that Jesus Christ was the promised Messiah (the special, anointed One prophesied in the Old Testament)

* that He proved His Messiah-ship by many miracles witnessed by the apostles (and thousands of other people)

* that He died as a substitute for us, taking our sins upon Himself on the cross and suffering for the sins of the world

* that He was buried as prophesied in the Old Testament

* that He rose from the dead three days later, the firstborn from the dead, thereby triumphing over death itself and guaranteeing our eternal life.

How is this provable?  One way, and a very good way it is indeed, is that the apostles who preached all this were martyred for their faith.  If none of it was true, if the resurrection never happened, they would have recanted.  They would not have all died martyr's deaths for a lie! 

It is all true.  Jesus Christ bought our salvation, but we have to accept it; we cannot earn it.  If we even try, we fail.  He paid the price in full.  We cannot add anything to His great work at Calvary.  All we can do is humbly accept Him into our hearts and thank Him every day for what He has done for us - obtained the forgiveness for all our sins and made us right with God.

Some would say:  'I don't deserve it.'  No, you don't. I didn't either!  But a day came when I had read enough of the gospels to realize it was all true, and that I wanted to belong to Jesus and serve Him.  I knelt down and asked Him to forgive my sins and make me one of His people.  I thought He would never want me; I didn't deserve Him. 

I was wrong, folks!  He did want me; He died for sinners!  So that is why I am writing this to you today, Thanksgiving Day.  I am thanking Him for saving me from Hell and for writing my name down in Heaven.  And I am hoping that someone out there, somewhere in the world, will read this, and that they too will get on their knees and tell Jesus that they too believe in Him, ask Him to forgive their sins, and tell Him that they want to belong to Him and serve Him.

Please consider these things, dear friends.  It is all true.  You have only to accept Jesus' offer of free salvation.  Today is the day to grasp it.  Do not let this opportunity slip away.  Do not let Satan distract you and snatch away this moment, this chance. 

Here is a good prayer:  'Lord Jesus, I am a sinner (name every sin that the Lord brings to your mind; He knows them all already); please forgive my sins.  I put my faith in You; please make me one of Your people.'

Saying those words will not save you. If you really MEAN them - that is what saves you.

Note: In my headline, I got the phrase 'the right and title to eternal glory and happiness' from John Gill's commentary on Psalm 41.  Here is the link  I had never heard of John Gill, until our son-in-law Michael in Israel referred to him.  Michael loves John Gill, who was a Baptist pastor and scholar in the 18th century.  He wrote a verse by verse commentary of the whole Bible, which is available free online.




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